1. What are your favourite books and why?

    I enjoy reading and thought it would be good idea to start this new Literature section with a thread where we share our favourite book or books. And more importantly why.

    Like with so many others. My favourite book for longest of time is J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings.

    I have read it many times. I was bit too young when I first tried it and thought it was overrated piece of mumbo-jumbo. Luckily I picked it up later too. I really enjoy the imaginary world of Middle Earth. I have nothing but respect towards Tolkien for the hard work he did by creating even different languages and flora just for Middle Earth.
  2. Sorry sis....

    But I don't read.... Books, their the spawn of satan.... Why else are we forced to have school-books! MD

    I preffer movies, only books I read were because of school. I did try reading the james bond novels, but never got started on em....
  3. the twilight series, by stephenie meyer is pretty good

    I also like the inheritance cycle(Eragon) by the nerdy christopher paolini

    and harry potter is always fun to read.
  4. The twilight series.
    Any books that seem to interest me mostly, Like Litertature/fiction. Also books about revelations and such. I also like books of poetry. =D
  5. Umm let's go with Harry potter stuff

    The Analyst by John Katzenbach

    A dirty Job by Christopher Moore
  6. Dune

    then the list continues with the Lord of the Rings, sho-gun was an epic book, HP was pretty good, and most of michael crichton's books like sphere, andromeda strain, Eaters of the dead, and Jurassic Park.
  7. Twilight Series is alright, but nothing too much for me to go drooling over and see the movie.

    Meg Series by Steve Alten and the rest of this author's work. This guys work has caught me since i was in high school, once i start reading his work, i am unable to put the book down. He has a great writting style and over all i am able to picture what is going on in the book while i am reading
  8. I always wondered, how were the Jurassic park books? I never got to sit down and read them like i wanted to.
  9. The first one was epic, blow your mind levels. I loved the movie but it comes no where near how good the book was and how much detail the book goes into. If you're a fan of the movie, go read the book
  10. I like to read to if a series catches my eye, such as....

    Twilight series
    Angus, thongs and full frontal snogging series
    The Seventh Tower
    Harry Potter series(though havent finished it XD)
  11. Awesome! It is my favorite as well. The whole world and cultures of that world are so well described and yet mysterious. It's like in most books, everything revealed winds up being some plot device. But LoTR doesn't do that. Also gives reader clues about things of the world and other times it may mention something and never follow up on it. That, along with the great descriptions, is what makes LoTR so immersive. There isn't a narrator to point everything out. They are travelers in mysterious lands.
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  12. I couldn't get through the lord of the rings xD It was way too descriptive and it seemed so slow-paced... tried reading it a couple of times, but always fell asleep xD (Not meant to diss anyone, i've seen the movies and they were amazing... So the books probably are as well )

    I really liked Harry potter, The golden compass series and books of Chris wooding. Plenty more, but haven't read as much as i'd like to.... And Manga =P

    Started reading Eragon a few days ago... It's alright xD
    Recommendations are welcome, just PM me
  13. Same thing i felt when i read them. I made it through the hobbit, but i couldn't get myself to sit down and just read it really.
  14. The Silmarillion was the book that explained, in my eyes, the beauty and expanse of middle earth. It explained everything in such a beautiful way that it opens your eyes to what's actually happened in the history of middle earth. The children of Hurin was the other book that really defined what middle earth actually was. I loved the LOTR so much because instead of it being that narrative on the creation, as beautiful as it was, it focused more on the people that inhabited middle earth and their journey across it
  15. I read Children of Hurin when it came out and really loved it. Also had several bottles of Laproaig at the time which is always good when reading such a deep book. Very sad and such a smooth read at the same time. I love how Christopher Tolkien really built on what his dad jotted down over several decades.
  16. I haven't let go of books the moment I could actually read them.. Pointing out which one I like most seems impossible but of course I've got ones I can keep reading over and over and know by heart, or ones that struck me in a manner I still remember them today =)

    As for the usual must-reads I've already seen one of the names posted; the Harry Potter series, loved it from the beginning to the end with book five as my all-time favorite.
    As for Tolkien I still enjoy The Hobbit most - and can't wait to see what Peter Jackson is making of it this moment!
    One of my other favourite writers is Agatha Christie, a little old-fashioned but I love her plots.

    A title I'd like to recommend others just because the style of writing and unusual point of view would be the The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon; already five years old but still worth the read. Copy paste to Wikipedia for more info 8)
  17. I'm currently reading World War Z, and I am enjoying it immensely. I'll need to get The Zombie Survival Guide next.

    The Harry Potter series is one of my favorites.
    The Redwall series as well. (Thankfully, if furries have turned it into trash like most other series with anthropomorphic characters I haven't seen it.)
    The Sherlock Holmes series is great.
    The Silmarillion, The Hobbit, LoTR are awesome.
    I've only read the Golden Compass out of that series, but it was pretty good as well.
    Anything by Crimethinc is great and informative.

    I really WANT to read the Arsene Lupin series, but I don't know where to find them in English.

    Twilight is the biggest Mary-Sue, self-insertion, living vicariously through writing, pieces of crap ever made. My respect for Mormons dropped after hearing about that series.
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  18. I love The Book of the New Sun series by Gene Wolfe. Its an amazing mix of Fantasy and Science Fiction that's written with a refreshingly mature voice.
  19. Hmm I remember filling out this thread over in NM, but a lot of new and great books have crossed my path since. So I'll post some of my fav, new and old.

    Sphere by Michael Crichton
    1984 by George Orwell
    Robot Dreams by Issac Asimov
    The Man in the High Castle by Philip K Dick
    Lord of the Flies by William Golding

    for book series, definately The Dark Tower series by Stephen King. I read the Harry Potter books but I feel King's 7 book series is stronger, even though both Book 7's were a bit weak.
  20. For better or for worse, some of my favorite books were from the Sword of Truth novels. I realize they're really simple and that's why I liked them. In fact, my other alias (Raug) comes from a shortened name from this series. Only mentioned a few times, Raug comes from Raug'moss a sect of healers. The name is in High D'haran, one of the languages in that world, meaning divine wind.

    Other than that, I do enjoy Maragert Weis and Tracy Hickman novels (Deathgate Cycle, various Dragonlance books, etc) and the like.

    One day I do have to read all the Lord of the Rings related books since I never really did. I think I may have finished up through the second book years ago.

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