1. does anyone know some really good fantasy novels? i particularly love anything involving dragons or assassins (already reading eragon and night angel trilogies)
  2. Try Steve Eriksons stuff.

    Gardens of the Moon is the first one. Lot's of assassins, powerful dragons. Only problem is it's pretty abstract at times, and can be hard to follow until you get used to him.

    It's WORTH it...but I didn't really catch on to his writing style till the third book. When I did, I couldn't put his stuff down for the next four/five months...but it takes some work on the readers side to really get his stuff.
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  3. -A Song of Ice and Fire. Widely considered to be the best epic fantasy series since Tolkien. If you want to read epic fantasy, read that before you read anything else. (there are dragons if that a selling point for you)

    -The Malazan Book of the Fallen. Incredibly epic fantasy series, but super hard to get into. It will likely take you into the 4th book (all of which are like 900 pages) before you start grasping the storylines. But once you do, you will realize the genius that is Erickson. This is the same series that Delpheous recommended. It's VERY HEAVY on magic/other races, etc. But its NOTHING like LOTR or anything else you can think of for that matter. Be ready to think if you read this series, you will have to.

    -The Wheel of Time. This is more on the vanilla, LOTR style 'demon lord vs young heroes' side. There are 14 books out, with the last slated to be released in year or two. In this series there are some really entertaining books (the first four) and some really ghastly ones (everything after 4 and before 12). Thankfully, after Jordan passed away, Robert Sanderson (of the mistborn series) is finishing the series and he's a very talented writer. I read the first of his WOT books and it was great.

    -Farseer Triology (well, its really six books). Robin Hobb does characterization really well. This isn't really epic fantasy since the scope's not so big, but its really well written. This is an assassin's story, so if you like Brent Week's night angel this might be up your ally.

    Series I have no read but have been recommended to me:

    -The Prince of Nothing series
    -The Gentleman Bastard series
    -The First Law Series
    -The Mistborn Series
    -The King Killer Chronicles

    Please avoid anything by R.A Salvatore and Terry Goodkind. They're horrible writers.
  4. LOTR is all about the journey into lands unknown to the little simple-minded hobbit; lands steeped with magic and mythology. It's a bit different than many fantasy novels. JRRT's experience in RL mythology is deeper than any other writer. He spent decades studying Anglo-Saxon history and mythology and was a professor of it at Oxford. He doesn't create the hyper-real characters that writers today create, but the environment he creates is what is best about LOTR. If you want epic adventure high fantasy, then read LOTR before all else. As good as the extended versions of the movies are, reading it is a different world.

    The Hobbit has a dragon. It's the Scandinavian idea of a dragon though: super intelligent, eternal, talks, and sits on a horde of gold.
  5. The Dune series by Frank Herbert. It's a mix of scifi and fantasy. The story is compact and the scale is freaking huge. I've only read the first 4 of the 6 books (currently on no.5 now) and the books just get better as you go along. Check out the amazon description/reviews if you want to know more: http://www.amazon.com/Dune-Chronicles-Book-1/dp/0441172717
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  6. All what tony said, also reading some trilogies by a lady named Kylie Chan. The writing is not really epic but it is more than passable but it is the subject matter that is interesting. Chinese Celestials.. in modern day Hong Kong.

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