1. Never thought something like that would happened to me but it did. A few years ago i read Stephen King's Bag of Bones, while reading that book every night i couldn't sleep because of the nightmares i got from it.

    So anyone else have similar stories?
  2. If a book has a deep impact on me it usually follows me to dreamland too. Not just nightmares but all sort of dreams.
  3. The last one I can remember is I read R.L Stine's " The Babysitter" when I was 12 or so. It's not a nightmare but when I wake up at night, I am scared to go to the bathroom because there's a huge mirror there. Also I avoid looking at mirrors at night because it looks like a scary version of me "with blank dead eyes" and it'd come out and "destroy me". XD Since I don't have proper vision, the mirror image of myself is blurry...and when your hair is messed up at night....
  4. lol actually the only book that made me weary at night time was the exorcist. For some reason religious scary things do it to me.

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