1. Just cause Alex Van Halen:

  2. This guy has plenty of followers so I'm not sure how I've not seen any of his videos and covers before now. I've been watching Rob Chapman, Andertons tv and Rebea's videos for a long time and that's how this came up as a suggested video.

    If you like guitairs or rock/metal and you aren't already familiar with Rob Chapman and his "vs" videos or the "Sounds like" from Andertons I highly recommend them. Having now come across Frog Leap Studios I also highly recommend listening to their covers.

    This video is probably my favourate (that I've heard to date) and I also enjoyed the outro.
  3. The Ramones: Blitzkrieg Bop
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  4. If you aren't familiar with this already it's a great introduction to Leo, Rebea and if you keep going; Dorje and Chappers.

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