1. eddie van halen just shit his pants lol. That dude is sick. At first I was like oh this is just another.. you goddamn hippie! Nope.

    Allow me to retort on a much more mellow tone:

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  2. cause I watched JoJo tonight on Toonami and the ED is a Yes song.

    and cause cowbells

    and cause I could bang Sakura to this:

  3. Miss the perfection that was George MIchael:

  4. Still listening to Rick. RIP.

    Let's not forget that they opened Live Aid.

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  6. because of Suits

  7. This girl who streams ffxiv was playing this song tonight.. I was like oh I know that song lol.

    new anime:

  8. I'm listening to anything and everything Chris Cornell. RIP Chris and thank you very much. Audioslaves first album introduced me to the band and to his vocals. It formed the soundtrack to that year for me and after hearing the album I went straight out and bought his solo album and Superunknown. I've been a fan ever since then and I'm sorry that I will never get to see him live.

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  9. Nice ^ Between that suicide news and the bombing today :(.. I think I'll play something inspirational.

  10. because female trance singers...

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