1. Can't wait for more death parade

  2. Watching parasyte on toonami tonight and forgot that awesome ED. RIP Kana

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  4. miss this game. the music was so epic.

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  8. For Zuzu

  9. Zack that's fucking awesome. Did you hear that on the radio or did you come across them because I linked it before? :p

    They're back playing in the US in May.
  10. They're an Irish band, and i'm from Ireland so with it being such a smallish country you kinda come across any new bands quite quickly. I've been to a few of their live shows and they'e playing down Dublin in July so planning on going down and making a day of it lol
  11. For some reason I thought you were in the US :S Not sure where that came from. Obviously I've seen them a few times myself but I'm really enjoying other people hearing them. With you being in Ireland I'm not at all surprised, they're much bigger over there than anywhere else.
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  13. Listening to an old favorite
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  14. This is for Martz lol.. " you just had to sneak into my room just to read my diary"

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