1. you can skip to 1:00 mark.
    Bring Sally up.. Uh. Bring Sally down.. Lance comes drunk from out of town. hehe

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  2. Iron Maiden - The book of Souls. Their new album and it's pretty good but so far I'm not hugely into it. I watched some interviews with members of the band and they seemed to be particularly into this one but it hasn't blown me away on the first listen. The book it came in though is amazing. 2 discs, hard covered booked, fantastic art and excellent value for money. This article was interesting, I'm glad someone is still trying to give this attention:


    It was good when MTV started out trying to publicise the music that was in the charts and be a format for some new bands instead of acknowledging a fixed demographic and simply continuing to feed it.
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  3. This is a commercial but it's Picard so yeah. Also his new show on hbo is fucking awesome.

  4. Not music but I'm gonna post it anyway.. it has music lol.

  5. I'm not sure if it counts as a "shameless plug" talking about something on TAL because I'd probably reach a larger audience if I shouted in the street. Either way the band my cousin is in have just announced their album launch and put the latest single has been put on youtube. I'm assuming this is a temporary video.

    I am really enjoying this band, they're cracking live.

    In other news Rhino has just released his second album. Apparently my copy is in the post so until I get to hear the new tracks I'll share one of my favourates from his last album. It's an instrumental, be sure to turn up your bass if you listen to it.

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  6. currently watching:

  7. I love the first song but friend of mine posts some good ffxi solo vids for skirrmish:

  8. I got a few CD’s that I had asked for for Christmas. Some of them I had listened to previously and others were a pleasant surprise. I’ll post a highlight song from each:

    This entire album was a slow burner for me. Some of the songs a really good, some of the covers are poor. Lemmy clearly was going to fall short on the vocals so it makes sense them getting some help, Killswitch murdered Holy Diver, Tenacious D got a bit odd with the solo (but I got used to it), Anthrax did a great job opening the album and (having previously never heard of Hailstorm I looked them up after hearing their cover). Apparently the cover is the best thing they’ve done as I do not rate them as a band otherwise :p Listen to this album if you haven’t already.

    Great cover of a great song

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