1. Whitesnake - Here I go again
  2. Sneaking this into here because original thread was locked...

    I miss and love you are so fucking much!

    Also, site looks really awesome, and I'm so thinking of buying this coffee for the lulz:


    Oh and the joker, steve miller ;)

  3. Adam Lambert- Whataya want from me
  4. Okay, let me try this again....Erk the Jerk. Just some ol' cool sh**
  5. Mos Def - Supermagic.
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  6. B.O.B - The Adventures of Bobby Ray

    its catchy but lacks any substance that would make it memorable
  7. Yea I know, I got his mixtape May 25th, and it had a few real good songs, but most of it as lackluster. No real artist insight, or substance. It's a shame, since he has talent.

    4/5 For me. At first I didn't like this, but it was so damn catchy and the video was entertaining. Snoop Dogg f/ Kid Cudi- That Tree
  8. MGS, SH andothergames'soundtracks.jpg
  9. Shing02- Luv sic(part 2)
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  11. Jay-Z "American Gangster"
    Story of the year "In the wake of Determination"
    Drake "Thank me later"
    Coldplay "A rush of blood to the head"
    Kanye West "808s and heartbreak"
    Gorillaz "Demon Days"
    Lupe Fiasco's "The Cool"
    Element eighty "Element Eighty"
    Lil Wanye "Rebirth"
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  12. Mayonaka ni Kawashita Yakusoku by Malice Mizer
  13. lyrics born - the world is calling
  14. Iron Maiden - Running Free

    No other Maiden vocalist can sing this like Paul Di'Anno.

    Ramones - Poison Heart
  15. I gotcha Muy....I'm on some chill Sh** these days, so I have this song stuck in head.

  16. The Notorious B.I.G. - Machine Gun Funk

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