1. The conversion will likely start either late tonight around 2AM EST or tomorrow. I'll decide later tonight when I get home from work, but you'll be able to tell because the forum will be taken offline to preserve as many posts as I can during the conversion. I will likely setup a separate page with an IRC web client if you want to idle in the channel while I work. I'll likely not be checking it all the time, but you can chitchat or whatever while I work.

    Any questions you have can be brought up in IRC later tonight. I may not be looking at IRC all the time, but if you nickalert me (say my name) my computer will yell at me and I'll see what's going on in the channel.
  2. Basic functionality should be here and I will continue working tomorrow. One thing I need is for people to help me find the small things like quick reply not showing in certain forums.
  3. That's pretty much every forum I go in then...
  4. My profile said I don't have any blog entries. I do think I have made 5 or 6.
  5. [quote name=%26%2339%3BMartzu%26%2339%3B date='22 February 2010 - 12:23 PM' timestamp='1266837793' post='226326']
    My profile said I don't have any blog entries. I do think I have made 5 or 6.

    Didn't it say in one of the announcements that blog entries wouldn't make it through the transition process? I do think that there was something mentioned about that.

    Also, I was just viewing the Oh, hai lounge thread and on the 2nd page Arukas' post content wasn't in the post field but in the user info. Even his signature was there.
  6. Had to do a "forgotten password" again because my password wasn't working.
  7. yeah that's happened to jackcook as well i should tell her to click on the forgotten password link
  8. Yeah, I put big red text at the top of the screen. Everything was imported from the live database so if you had to do a forgotten password to login, that's why.
  9. There was? Damn, slipped my mind. Thanks, kid.
  10. The old forums are still up for the purpose of manually transferring stuff like that. I'm trying my best to figure out why I can't transfer blogs, but I can't figure out why.
  11. no :/
    Also, when you click the Blogs link on the top, the Forums one disappears and there's just an empty space.
  12. "No" to what? O_O

    You can create your blog but can't make entries ;_; So the problem might be somewhere in this new thing instead of the old one.

    And one thing, Raug. Where the fuck did you hide option of donating? I just learned where it was and now you're messing with me again. >_<
  13. Ah, I'll have to go and set blog permissions. And the permissions here don't affect the importation of the old blogs. Something about the way vB4 converted my vB3 blogs to vB4 corrupted something. You can kind of tell with a lot of features for the blogs not working correctly.

    Donation info can come later :p
  14. is there anyway you can change the "recently added topics" on the right hand side to whatever you want, like for eg: "recently added posts" maybe
    i could really use an option there
  15. Yes, I'm working on getting recent posts there.
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  16. so did the "watched forums" section on the right disappear?, i liked it when both topics and forums were displayed
  17. It did for now. I'm working on trying to make it a bit better.

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