1. Saturday @ 6pm-ish EST the game will be reset with new rules in place.


    • villages will start with 1 million troops;
    • villages will have a minimum of 100,000 troops;
    • villages gain 5000 troops per cycle (each cycle is 1 hour);
    • villages start with 75 turns;
    • villages may save up to 75 turns;
    • villages start with 1,000 gold;
    • villages receive 30 gold per cycle;
    • villages start with 5 spies;

    --Battle & Spy

    • 2 turns required to generate new troops;
    • 15 turns required to generate income;
    • costs 10 turns to run an attack raid;
    • base casualty rate for attacking has been increased;
    • spying success has been increased slightly;
    • spies now cost 10,000 gold;
    • spy upkeep is 10 gold per cycle;
    • percentage of spies killed in an attack has been increased slightly;
    The goal is to give new villages a boost while not increasing the actual rate of troops gained in recruitment from turns. By increasing turn cost to 2, this effectively makes troops gained per turn to be 0.5%.

    Growth is still very logarithmic, but the increase reliance of gold and increasing turns to generate gold may help to stave this a bit. For example, the maintenance cost of having spies will exceed income from cycles. To balance this, spies will cost more money as well as to prevent the recruitment of spies just before a spy mission (this will be tweaked further). Essentially the goal is to require more income generation.

    In addition, some prices will be altered once the game is reset in order to create a balance and a money sink requirement for larger villages to remain competitive.
  2. why do you want to slow down this already really slow game

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