1. Well, basic things should work right now so I'm not too worried. Here are some things that I know need to be done and I'm working on most of them:
    • Get animated avatars working Animated avatars should work again
    • Getting a better schemed skin (here's lookin' at you, Tammy) Check the Flexile Dark - Purple theme
    • The subform listings are kinda whacky
    • That header up there? It needs to be fixed. They layout is 1024px wide *hint* *hint* (1022px if you take off the 1px border on each side)
    • The old link structure from IPB need to be properly redirected Half working due to direct forum links being unable to be redirected. Threads should work. Still trying to decide if writing a rewrite for each forum is worth the effort. Probably not.
    • I'm still debating on a public gallery
    • How to handle username changes Temporary fix
    • Addition of smilies http://theanimelounge.com/help/smilies
    Those are basically the major things that I'll be ironing out. Some other things that I want to do is utilize trophies more. However, trophies are just points. There's no actual trophy to display. I also want to put up some actual content. Kro tried to get that going and I'm going to try and put some stuff up (granted most people probably don't care but kill me for trying).

    While I work, enjoy some Jinnai Tomonori:

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  2. Thanks for the hard work Raug.

    If anything, I can only beg you an option that gives an old-style set-up like we used to <3~~~~

    Btw Tagline: 'Extra>Options>Privacy>Delete Recent History'

    EDIT: That or 'We accidentally the whole anime'
  3. Which old style setup? There's a few to pick from at this point.
  4. I loved the old darker one. Reminded me of way back XD


    Or something, if anything, which is remotely similar to this.
  5. Try the Flexile Dark - Purple theme. It's a bit darker than the old one, but it'll have to do for the moment.
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  6. So, as per the first post, more things are working. Smilies are sort of back, there's some new skins and a poll for the next color to be added (http://theanimelounge.com/help/smilies), and animated avatars should be working.
  7. I'm digging the new feel of this place, nice work
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