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    Sweet Baby Ray's Raspberry Chipotle BBQ sauce.



    "LOUISIANA" brand habanero sauce.



    The bacon. Essential in any recipe.


    blue cheese crumbles.

    Put it on everything and dip everything in it. No exceptions.







    5/11/2011 - NEVER FORGET

    And yes, I did create this recipe. I had this shit lying around. Originally it did not have blue cheese or bacon. Just the sauces mixed together is god-tier as it is.
  2. Dude, that bacon looks groce and plastic =/
  3. Don't knock it before you tried it.
  4. I just put some on my eggs sans the blue cheese.
  5. I thought this was ur recipe on how to cook meth Krozar.......... u know i heard ur Chef Boyardee when it comes to a key LOL....... and by key i mean kilo LOL.
  6. [IMG]
  7. When I used to work in a grocery store bacon bits was a pretty hot seller.
  8. Yeah they are. It's great for salads because you can enjoy the taste of a salad without worrying yourself into thinking you're turning into a vegan pussy or some kind of retarded health nut. No guilt and going to the polls and picking the Republican straight-ticket 10-second vote.
  9. Pfft only thick cut bacon for me.
  10. watch out, you can get addicted to eating spicy hot shit all day and get stomach ulcers
    not accounting for alll the sodium also, but yeah i been eating everything with louisiana cayene pepper sauce.
    i gotta try that raspberry shitt
  11. Krozar, of all the game of thrones characters, you decide to portray yourself as Jaime fucking Lannister, the incest king slayer. gg.
  12. O I can tell someone hasn't read books.
  13. KingslayerxMaidenofTarth ftw!!!!!!!

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