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  2. Love me some Kubo art.
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  3. OMG we need some weekly shounen Bleach chapters A.S.A.P :)
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  4. Also Shinji went bankai the most recent chapter but it's not been translated by Miss Stormcaller. Basically his bankai has been banned because of its huge AoE, it doesn't just invert ur perception it literally inverts EVERYTHING. Here's an insert from Reddit:

    Shinji's Bankai is called Sakasama Yokoshima Happō Fusagari (逆様邪八宝塞, Reversed Evil Eight Treasure Barrier/Blockade)

    • Shinji's power is not "reversal of the senses", it's reversal, period.

    Part 3 returns in December so I'm certain we will have a picture of Shinji bankai and more info. Basically we had inner dialogue, bankai release and chapter ended.
    Same here.... though I doubt it because Kubo has talked about how it took a health on his toll and he was having to put his arm in a sling just to hold it up. Still maybe if he can get something like Biruto with once a month chapters or OP and take a break at certain intervals it could be possible
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  5. I would settle for a monthly rather than nothing, and I think you are right that type of schedule maybe better for him but who knows.
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  6. One can only hope..... at least Shounen Jump is advertising it and with Kubo elaborating on what was going on with the manga, it's good to know Shounen Jump wasn't involved with the ending being rushed.

    Also due to Shinji's Bankai reversing everything it sounds like a good counter to Gerard. Mightve been able to save Kenpachis bankai for Ywach since brute force would've been better against Ywach than Gerard.

    Also forgot to mention they mentioned the 7th Kenpachi recently and because of it that means the Spirits novel is cannon as well. Zarakis reiatsu was stated to be so massive it's up there with IChigo and Aiken and it was stated back then to be self adjusting to be his opponents level
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  7. Too lazy to really read the novels but it's great to see some Bleach related discussion

    Wait, so who's fault was it for the rushed ending? You can't take that shit back and it's a damn shame.
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  8. Yah I only read the summary for Spirits are Forever With You. Basically his reiatsu is so massive it's can be on part with Transcendant beings, but his reiatsu subconsciously adjusts to his opponents..... this was mentioned in the novel a few years before the last arc.

    Well I remember some of us speculated SJ forced Kubo to end it because ratings and sales were dropping for Bleach. But Kubo opened up about it this year on his Twitter and basically said he rushed it because of health issues.

    Yah Bleach has sparked my interest again......

    Maybe we'll get an original Gotei 13 light novel in the future!!!!
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  9. More light novels would be great, but I still wish they'd continue the anime and that these light novels would also get animated. Don't know if it would ever happen, but it would be awesome.
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  10. That's what they did with Naruto the novels took place after the war leading up to the wedding I believe.
  11. What do they mean that it reverses everything? Like literally like up is down. Meaning if I walk straight I actually walk backwards?
  12. Wasn't Shinjis shikai the one that reverses shit? I remember when he used it against Aizen, "welcome to the inverted world" I always loved that line.

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