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  3. Dude shit just got REAL...

    This could be like the biggest discovery in 2 centuries, no lie.
  4. 2011, the year of time traveling.
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  6. I agree, this is an amazing discovery and if proven true, will have drastic implications on our understanding of physics and the universe, as well as the future of humanity.
  7. I read some scientists are proposing that the neutrinos went through some other dimension inorder to bypass the speed of light.
  8. Only time will tell now, if it can be duplicated by another group, then it'll turn our knowledge of physics and relativity on its head. This is what i love about science.
  9. The uncertainty is a mere 10ns. OPERA's (the detector) own researchers are cautioning people that this does not mean that special relativity is wrong. It means there is a discrepancy and they are asking the research community to scrutinize the results. Multi-dimensional, flaw in the detector design, etc.

    So far the neutrino research community is siding with a systematic error versus destroying a maxim that so much is built upon. I put my money on a system error. It could be something similar to quantum entanglement, which obviously does not violate special relativity. But since this is such a preliminary measurement, I am still going to go with an error.

    Well, it is Italy afterall.
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  10. Watch to 4:40.
  11. O NOES! The neutrinos have MUTATED!

    These new FTL neutrinos are heating up the Earth's core!

    We only have 4, maybe 5, billions years left until DESTRUCTION!
  12. "The Electrons, are ANGRY!"
  13. Fuckers are angry! They live in the walls inside those little holes and once I tried to coax them out and they bit me! Felt all tingly.
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  15. Can I has instantaneous travel now?
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  17. I hope it's true, still have to confirm though.
  18. Hope it doesn't get caught by the Tachyon Police.

    "Sir, do I smell mass in this car?"
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  19. Not surprising. It's like having slept for a long time, walking outside, and determining the sun has gone out rather than it being night time.

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