1. First of all, this:

    After Impel Down and the war at Navy's HQ, Buggy now has a huge crew with people with a great bounty. His power and influence has gone up a lot.

    And then here, the two top-left panels:

    Since Buggy now has the command over lots of pirates who are from at least level 3, he's suited to become a Shichibukai. That way the goverment has not only Buggy under control but also everyone who escaped from Impel Down. Except for Luffy and co. and the ones Blackbeard freed.

    And with the message he recieved from the goverment, I'm sure he'll be asked to join.

    Next time we see Buggy the Clown, it'll be as a Shichibukai. I'm betting my balls on it.

    Any other canditates for the 2 other vacant positions of Shichibukai?

  2. Yeah Buggy will most definitely be a Shichibukai. I might say Kidd since he likes to wreak havoc and that'd probably keep alot of lesser pirates in check but if not I'd assume that it would be someone we haven't seen before.
  3. Buggy as shichibukai?

    Hell no. He kills everyone and will not listen to the government.

    any of the supernovas? nope. nobody of them seemed as a material for shichibukai.

    Other warlord?
    Enel! (that's wishful thinking as i want to see him back in a story)
  4. I'm sure we're seeing Enel back eventually. But for shichibukai? No thanx.

    So we have 3 spots? One is Crocodile/Blackbeard. Other is for Jinbei. And? Moria? I thought he didn't die after all.

    Wow, 1 yonkou, 3 shichibukai, fleet admiral and Garp are out of the scene. This really means chaos.
  5. i could actually see that happening
  6. Something I've always wondered about Buggy and Shanks. If they were part of Roger's crew wouldn't they know were one piece is? I could see Shanks not interested in it but Buggy definitely would want it so whats keeping him from getting it besides his lack of a strong crew to get there?
  7. Honestly, I doubt it's the kind of thing you can navigate your way to just by being there before. ASSUMING Roger even took his whole crew to where one piece is, which I doubt he did. Probably the only 2 people who know exactly how to get to it would be Roger himself and the navigator for Roger's ship. It's not liek Buggy has a map to it.
  8. why would shanks who is an emperor become a warlord? that would be a major step down. become a dog of the world government. hell no. besides its not like he likes the marines or anything either.

    buggy is too damn weak. he will be exposed in no time. those tricks he plays on the prisoners isn't going to work on the other warlords or the vice admirals and up.

  9. ?
    who said that shanks will become warlord?
  10. buggy is good at tricking people though. its not like he wont get caught eventually but he might get turned in. i bet his bounty goes up alot after that last battle and most the shikibukai(sp?) already have or had large bounties

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