1. The Dr Pepper Snapple group (controls most of Dr Pepper distribution in the US) recently forced a small plant that has been bottling Dr Pepper for over 120 years in rural Texas to stop producing Dr Pepper. This lant is a Texas tradition which includes a Dr Pepper that uses real cane sugar; supports local jobs; has festivals; and is the centerpoint of Dublin Texas.


    Lived near that plant for several years and hate to see this happen to it. It was plants like that who built the Dr Pepper brand.
  2. Dr. Pepper is by far my favourite soda, sucks to see this type of deal go down.
  3. No prob. Mr. Pibb was a close substitute.
  4. I see no problem here
    ...its not Dr Peppers fault...they bought them out...and the OWNERS sold
    plus at the end of the article, it says some greedy SOB put a case of Dr Pepper on ebay for $10 grand + shipping
  5. I shall never ever drink Dr Pepper. That's a promise. And that promise is easy to keep, it's not sold here anymore.
  6. Sorry for what happened. But I won't stop drinking because if everyone on this site stops drinking DP, it won't even be noticed.
  7. Depends on how it went down. If DPS tells the owners that their choices are to sell and keep some employees or get sued into the ground and lose everything, there's not much of a choice.

    If you take the link at the end of the article, it goes to the ebay site. He was selling them for $30 each. The current price is $10,000 because he's out of stock so he doesn't want you to buy them. Journalist fail on that article's part.

    It's true, it wouldn't be noticed. Not for now, at least. But if Krozar is putting this up everywhere, and thousands of people say "yeah, sorry, just us won't make a difference" then they're all wrong. It also depends on where your dollars go - if you stop buying Dr. Pepper and instead buy a soda of a smaller brand - the dollars to that smaller brand make a large difference. Personally, I'm trying to cut out all sodas, so this just makes it that much easier to never buy Dr. Pepper again.
  8. Should be easy for me since I don't drink soda but my heart goes out to those people.
  9. I havent drank soda in years

    the best part is after a long time not drinking it...if you go back to it...it tastes like pure acid and just burns

    also...they didnt have the link to the ebay seller originally so I didnt know
  10. Might be a change for the better.

    More sustainable jobs need to be developed. Like say... Hemp products :D
  11. Oh god. Another burnt out pothead with a dumb idea.
  12. Actually hemp with today's refining processes would be a viable economic driver. That's just simple research.
  13. I'm from Abilene, Tx and I have been to this plant several times. damnit Krozar.. your sig is giving me possible seizures!! lol.

    Anyway, I have no issue with them being closed. It's the way of business and the world. Cane Sugar though ftw.
  14. Meh it's Americana. I'll be in Abilene tomorrow or Sunday.
  15. Define irony, i just realized i was drinking Dr Pepper as i was reading this.

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