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  2. Correct me if I'm wrong, but is this the first time Konohamaru's parents have been mentioned?

    Also, was anyone else annoyed by Mitsuki's comments on everyone on how they're "elite by birth"? In hindsight, it's true but it still annoys me. It makes me remember the days when this manga was about talentless losers who won through guts and hard work.:(

    Turns out part 1 Neji was right about fate all along. He was just wrong about who it was fate favored.
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  3. Ya I didn't know Konohamaru's parents were part of ANBU. That is interesting cause that would mean they always followed orders from Danzou.....I wonder if they would slip the 3rd intel when needed.
  4. well if they were part of the same ANBU that was directly under the command of 3rd and were set to protect Kushina during the birth of Naruto then i have some bad news for you.
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  5. Hahahah shout out to Luffy! And Sakura...and elite genin. More like an elite fail. Konohamaru still praising Naruto through his son and got juiced lol. Too funny.
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  6. OOOOoooo ya that's right, that makes sense. It was probably them......:confused:
  7. Yeah, it's probably the only mention of Konohamaru's parents. But it's good to know who they were.

    That fucking tease though, I'm interested in that white haired kid's background, although it's pretty obvious.
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  8. Now I miss the manga about Lee...
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  9. I don't remember any mention that Konohamaru's parents were the ANBU guards that were guarding Kushina. I remember the Third's wife was there, but I don't remember any mention of Konohmaru's parents.
  10. Actually now that i think about it, it is impossible that those ANBU killed by Obito were Konohamaru's parents. They must have replaced the ones who died.
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  11. Well, I doubt those several guards were the entirety of the ANBU under the Third's command. There were only a few guards shown.

    Also, you're right. Konohamaru is younger than Naruto so his parents couldn't have been killed when Naruto was born. Can't believe that this didn't occur to me until you said.:;^^:
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  12. Maybe they were just really slow to the "having a kid" bandwagon... or Konohamaru is just their little accident. How old was the third?
  13. how disturbing.
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  14. lol #bars
    i had to fast forward to 3:17 for the dub. hearing the rap in japanese was sorta weird.
  15. "Slow to having a kid"? Leroy initially thought that Konohamaru's parents were among the ANBU that were killed by Obito when guarding Kushina's delivery, but we both realized that this can't be the case. Konohamaru is 4 years younger than Naruto, so it not possible that Konohamaru's parents were the ANBU killed when Naruto was born. Unless you think Konohamaru was born 4 years after his parents died, which is a bit beyond "slow to having a kid bandwagon". Though I suppose it could still be possible with Orochimaru and his cloning experiments, but if that were the case here, I think it would have been mentioned much earlier.
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  16. This is why I shouldn't be allowed to post when I'm tired.
  17. this is some kind of brainwashing technique isn't it...
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  18. The 3rd lived the longest as a Hokage but had a terrible track record with his son's lives. I am guessing he had two boys based off Konohamaru's last name but it could be that he had one daughter and Konohamaru's father took the wife's name instead (it happens in Japan when a father has a last name that carries weight but has no sons). But hey, at least they were good at having kids before meeting their own end.
  19. So im guessing white hair kid is somehow related to the otsutsuki clan or something to do with Kaguya..... also dam Kishi for teasing us about Konohamaru's parents lol. He never mentioned Konohamaru's parents the whole series. I really hope we get a backstory....... even though the manga's over, Kishi still be releasing mini arc's and chapters.
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  20. I was thinking more of Oro.

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