1. Newest Episode is out:
    Love and Potato Chips

    So it seems maybe Mitsuki is not wrapped up in this at all, but maybe he is investigating it as well? That's the feeling I got when communicating at the end with the snake. He seemed to have knowledge on it, but also doesn't quite understand parts of it himself, such as only Boruto having access to it and such.

    I didn't think I would like this episode, due to it being heavily Cho-cho focused, but she was freaking hilarious. I take back what I said about her mainly, she was pretty comical.

    Also, is this the first time Class Rep has been named? I don't think anyone other than creepy camo guy has ever called her Sumire. I just looked on the wiki, and it says her name is Sumire Kakei, but I swear I have never seen it said anywhere else.
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  2. ^
    lol told you, love Cho-Cho right now and she seems some what of a skill ninja already. Next episode it looks like Boruto will FINALLY discuss his byakugan with his Naruto and Hinata.
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  3. Probably my least favorite episode so far but it wasn't bad. It's interesting to see kids being kids though. Especially when you know what people in the naruto universe are capable of.
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  4. I am looking forward to the next episode it seems they'll start looking into Boruto's eye
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  5. I'm wondering if his eyes are just a side effect for whatever menacing chakra this is? If not, why wouldn't his eyes be in the manga or movie at all, right? Unless this specific thing is what Momoshiki mentions at the very end of the movie?
  6. It is in the manga. The first few pages of the 1st chapter. During the flash forward.
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  7. Oh well, I guess I never considered that. But it's just odd that it activates itself and only under certain circumstances. POssible link between Kawaki and whatever this jutsu/chakra is?
  8. Simple, his powers are still manifesting
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  9. I don't think his eye is linked to the markings at all. I think it might just be a dojutsu unique to him.
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