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  2. I have no shame in watching 480. Its good enough to be cast on a 32" tv. Its small in size which is good for a hoader like me.

    Anyways this episode really did remind me of when the old team 7 set out on the mission to encounter Zabuza. This should have been the start of the anime. Not all the crap from before.

    Also there is this issue of Boruto's personality. Those who have watched the movie and read the manga know that the chuunin exam is where he completely turns a 180. My concern is that how long can they maintain the current shitty personality of his when he is going on missions that potentially could have been catalysts to turn his personality around. If they prolong these arcs before reaching the chuunin exam arc and he still hasn't changed his personality by then he is just gonna come off as a bigger asshole. Even now they've taken too long to reach the story of the movie. Hopefully this mission will be followed by the chuunin arc.
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  3. Agreed on Boruto and I'll post 489 then lol

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