1. "A Shinobi's Resolve"
    "Shinobu (shinobi) no kakugo" (忍(しのび)の覚悟)December 13, 2017
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  2. Bruuuuuh, this episode was what I needed. Animation wasn't that great, but that aside, damn I loved every moment of this episode. kakashi putting Boruto in his place was great. Finally Mitsuki using his sage mode and fucking Shino's shit sideways. I am getting so hyped for their Genin days. Also, so many call backs to part one! Anko licking her lips, Boruto getting substitution punched hard by Kakashi ala Naruto. Everything about this was great, including how ruthless Konohamaru was.
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  3. I'm glad to see them giving these little shits a wake up call. If they make Boruto in the next ep beat Kakshi I will lose it.

    Shino getting beat was interesting but off camera for a reason. Idk what is going to be the definitive wake up call for Boruto.

    Probably someone's death later on but between his disdain and utter disrespect for his dad and thinking being a ninja is a breeze..he needs to be put in his place to learn a lesson.

    Maybe Kakashi will do it next ep. Flunk his ass!

    As for konohamaru... shameful.
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