1. New episode is out!

    Episode 3

    I am really enjoying this anime so far. I love the characters, especially since they all actually show progression, as well as introducing new kids that aren't just smaller versions of the previous incarnations like the Class president and that bully kid from the second episode joining the crew. Also, Metal is hilarious! I love the dynamic and how these are more day in the life episodes than non stop action.

    Looks like we get Sarada vs Boruto next ep.
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  2. Does this confirm his byakugan though?
  3. Love of my life, Temari made an appearance.
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  4. This was a great episode, I didn't realize how much I would like each individuals personalities in contrast with their parents. Metal (perfect name from Rock) nervousness was a surprise. Temari being full nagging mom and wife was great and expected.

    Yes but it will evolve and I was annoyed he didn't just come out and tell his mother what he has.
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  5. I don't think any of the other canon dojutsus can see chakra. Maybe his is different because he has a naturally blue iris not the large pale ones of the Hyuga clan
  6. Both the sharingan and the rinnegan can see chakra. They can all see chakra. The byakugan has the most detailed chakra seeing ability in that It's the only one that can see all of the chakra points in the body.
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  7. Probably the fact that it is a Byakugan with Senju heritage from Naruto has evolved it to some new doujutsu unknown. Maybe something that senses dark aura's instead of chakra like the typical Byakugan?
  8. Finally got to watch this episode. I'm so glad that the children aren't carbon copies of their parents and yet at the same time they retain some of the exact same characteristics like with Shikadai and Shikamaru pissing off temari. Speaking of Temari, good god i'd love to have a wife like that.
    It is a bit cliche for Boruto not to tell anything to his mother and I don't think he will anytime soon. I hope that this is an enhancement to byakugan although it feels like lesser version.
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  9. I don't think of it as Byakugan at all. I doubt he will get the Byakugan, the real one anyways.
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