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  2. ^
    I liked how she could use her mizu jutus to control her liquor! lol.
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  3. I haven't been watching this arc. Is it worth a watch?
  4. meh, if u have nothing better to do/watch.
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  5. Question? How in the fuck does Yagura have a grandchild? That makes no sense. He was rougly around Kakashi's age, possibly younger as the three tails was sealed into him after the Rin incident. Kakashi now is late 40s early 50s and Yagura died very young. Shit is stupid.
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  6. Have no idea DM but a good question. Also @Leroy this arc has been very good to me. It is showing Boruto's maturity more and more and the latest episode..I guess I will post it up too.. showed some new jutsu he learned which was pretty damn cool. Boruto and co. are in the mist village just FYI.

    Also, the new swordsmen of the mist have been revealed along with the weapons. Big fight incoming next ep with the mist kage etc.

    The Hoshigaki kid makes a showing as does Suigetsu.
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