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  2. This is when i realized that Naruto was actually cool for the younger generation. They view him as an idol and a hero and the greatest ninja alive. To me this is the actual realization of that 12 yr old loud mouthed brash ninja the series started with.
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  3. I get Boruto is a child but the hating on Dad thing is really getting old. I just hope he starts to really have some better character moments of development before the inevitable time skip which I think will come sooner than later in this series.

    I mean it isn't like Naruto is some abusive asshole. Get over it already. So far the best moments in this series involve the old crew and anyone with them from the new series other than Boruto. Was I the only one smiling during Naruto's short fight and the eating conversation afterwards. :D

    Soo.. Sasuke is the bad guy cause he killed Itachi and some "supposed" new Uchiha's want revenge who's father can also do the.. eh it just seems more of ....sigh.. seems we are getting more Kaguya characters. Is this leading towards what was in the movie?

    Again, I have not read the material. Who is Shin, Who is his father, Where did he get his eyes if they aren't true Uchiha which seems likely cause Shin is the typical Kaguya white bs going on. I guess I'm glad I did not read this stuff cause it makes it more suspenseful.

    Also, Shin's "father" who comes off more like an Orochimaru type.. had never seen Naruto's power so my guess is they were created or evolved somehow from Kaguya's bloodline or idk.. but why the "we will avenge Itachi!!" diatribe. Just who has Sasuke been fucking all these years?
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  4. You know what the interesting thing is Boruto's feelings is real, people actually hold resentment in their hearts to their parents. I know the son of a Pastor for example and it was the same thing. I also found myself thinking get over it lol.

    All will be revealed with the Sharingan user.
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  5. Being Hokage sucks. Guess that is why Tobirama and Kakashi didn't have kids (Tsunade was too old). All Hokage kids that we know of have resented their parents in some way. Asuma left the village after getting into it with his dad over something.
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  6. It relation to real life his behavior is ridiculous. I get it happens time to time in families for various reasons. The whole...he isn't here, it's a clone, you are being awful to your wife and daughter..blah blah blah..is old.

    It is bad writing and and a run of the mill symbolic stereotype. The child has to act like a child/brat so we can see his growth and his respect for his father over 10 million seasons.

    The series would be boring if the main character was born a genius superstar but it's anime and it would have been better to me than this.

    Hey Borutu your father loves your mother, sister and vice versa and they are all happy with each other. It's you that has some hangup using your family as an excuse to vent some childish grudge. Teenage Borutu hopefully is better.
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  7. Was just rewatching this ep and I noticed when they first show the guy with Shin after he fights Sasuke.. you can see his eye and there is no sharingan but in the end that means nothing I guess. Just an observation and also his face is cracked kind of like Obito's under the right eye.

    Oh I see he does have the sharingan.. hmmm

    Best part of the ep:
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