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  2. Finally. I was so excited after watching the episode i went ahead and reread the gaiden.
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  3. Why the hell is there a picture of Sasuke wearing the Akatsuki robe for a family pic lol. wow.. been awhile and I had to think about how to spell Akatsuki.

    ..and I'm an idiot cause that just happened. So who was that with the Sharingan at the end.
  4. I'm pretty sure it was just Sasuke wearing the robe?
  5. You never read Gaiden, Vicious?
  6. I have a decent amount of reading to catch up on. I read a lot of the new novels over the fall/winter.
  7. Well don't bother now that it is airing haha. It would spoil the whole arc to reveal who the Sharingan guy is. Just be happy its happening.
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