1. Episode 6 is here:

    The Final Lesson

    Awesome to see Naruto and Shikamaru together at the end interacting. From the hints dropped here and the preview of the next episode, we'll be getting more of them too.

    Good shit from Shino, I like how they explained how he pretty much wasn't able to kill them because of how manic he was, that the calm, regular Shino it wouldn't have even been close. Also, that massive beetle at the end, yoooo! Good episode for sure. Nice to see even more Jutsu from Mitsuki. I just can't wait to see what role he plays in all of this...
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  2. Good episode and I like Mitsuki even more. I wish we got to see more cannon battles with Shino and his clan with summoning jutsus. Looking forward to seeing Cho-Cho, luv me some Cho-Cho that girl is hilarious.
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  3. The next episode doesn't look that appealing to me so far. The Cho-cho storyline with her trying to find out her real father was alright, but got kinda played out and annoying for me, so we'll see what this one is like.
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  4. ty for the upload MC and agreed on ^ Overall it was nice to feel some real intensity and get those Gen Z kids off their ass and start acting like Ninja. Boruto is just young and he has his father's heart but him and the rest of that class need to have their butts handed to them to get motivated. A few deaths and some blown up buildings or a small scale war will do that. This was a good start though.

    You got a lot to learn kids. Mitsuki however has been properly trained by daddy and could probably be a jonin by now.
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  5. Do you know his daddy? I thought you weren't a manga reader.
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  6. I actually read a lot of manga. I just do not comment a lot in the chapter threads but I was there through all of Naruto and others. I sometimes read the manga after a series which is so much better in some situations. Sometimes I just want to see something animated first.

    In this case either way it should be obvious to anime only viewers who his papa is. I mean the clues are everywhere including his name. This is not some Obito internet breaking mystery. Also, logs.
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  7. ...or mommy. You never know with Orochimaru. However, I would assume that the Zetsu body he had gotten actually may last forever.
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  8. Lol true. Oh hey now everyone for sure knows who papa is haha. Also I think it was revealed in the movie kinda.
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  9. Those are still spoilers guys lol
  10. So is this:

    Darth Vader is Luke's father.

    If you're a Naruto fan and you haven't seen the Boruto movie yet...oh well. It's not a big secret that Mituski's parent is Orochimaru. Even in the film it was just casually thrown out there. It's also obvious because Kishi is keeping the San nin pattern (with a twist) going with Boruto, Sarada and Mitsuki as well. Jiraiya--->Naruto--->Boruto, Tsunade--->Sakura--->Sarada (who is technically Slug and Snake but if she gets a summon it will likely be her mother's) and then Mitsuki. Kishi may throw a wrench in that plan by giving Boruto snakes because he is Sasuke's student.
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  11. You ... you son of a bitch. This can't be true.. that's impossible!!
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  12. All three could totally get Snakes. Boruto from Sasuke, Sarada from Sasuke, and Mitsuki from Oro haha
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  13. Hey thats an idea. The new Hebi. But Kishi would most likely want to extend the lineage that started from The First Hokage and his three students including the Third.
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  14. He's kinda right about Boruto.
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  15. I really enjoy Swagkage haha. I've seen all of his Naruto related content. He takes knowing the series to a new level
  16. Yeah, although when talking about Naruto's bijuu mode he implied that Naruto's fully realized bijuu mode was different from everyone else's because of Kurama's power. I was always under the impression that it was because of the type of seal used. There isn't really any reason to assume that despite how powerful Kurama was that it was that power that created that chakra bijuu form topped with the "chakra" full tailed beast mode. I'm pretty sure it was how he was sealed inside of Naruto. Unless it was stated somewhere but I don't recall that it was.
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  17. I never actually thought about it like that. The seal was an Uzumaki seal, which are supposed to be like nothing else, and the nature of the seal used the actual god of death, so I suppose that could be reason. I still hold the suspicion that Naruto can in fact go full Bijuu mode, but doesn't because of how versatile the fully realized Kurama cloak is when used in Tandem with Naruto himself.
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  18. I almost stopped watching at the beginning when he said Tenten was annoying, she was no where on anyone's annoying radar and we all know it was Sakura back in those days. He makes a good point about Boruto but I get the impression Boruto will come around and we've seen that already in the movie and in the anime/manga so meh. I lol'd @ the Kabuto being a grown man and stepping to Naruto as a kid and him wearing glasses still after the transformation, that was funny. In his defense if you are wearing glasses your whole life, chances are you would still be comfortable wearing them rather then having to wear them. Again, totally disagree with Kabuto. Kabuto's character in its entirety is one of the best characters especially when he found out his backstory, still no Orochimaru though. I was under the impression that Orochimaru could go sage mode, can anyone confirm that? Zetsu is not annoying he's been the stealthy information gathering/teleportation ninja. I didn't like the fact that he was double crossing Madara the whole time. Danzo #1? Wrong again, I mean I hate him but not as an annoying character, I think his character is amazing. He's one of the best asshole villains in Naruto. Terrible list, he doesn't even have Sakura up there even though I started to like her more and more as the series progressed.
  19. Tenten was always on people's list. It's just that Sakura ranked higher. Tenten did absolutely nothing for the entire series. You just feel kinda bad for her sad ass.

    The seal shows up whenever Naruto enters the mode and when he first got the mode back it was because he used the key and sealed up Kurama in a better way having "beat" him .
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  20. If it was because of the seal dont you think his initial transformations should have been different from the rest of the bijuu as well? I think it has more to do with the fact that the kyuubi comprised of a bigger percentage of the juubi than any other bijuu. It wont be wrong to say that the kyuubi was a mini juubi. I would say about 50-60% of the juubi was used to create kyuubi. So if the jinchuuriki of the juubi get a fancy transformation I dont see why not the kyuubi jinchuuriki get a similar transformation.
    Of course Naruto was the first one who took his time to bond with kyuubi. The rest of his jinchuuriki just went from normal to berserk allowing for full bijuu transformation.
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