1. Hinawari beast
  2. Welp, Himawari got the goods. Would be nice if her brother got it as well. Also, nice to see that she does n't have her mother's docile nature when she wants to fuck shit up. Good, be more like Neji.

    Also, Hinata is a bit dense. It is highly unlikely that your sister or any other Hyuga did that. There are only two people other than yourself who live in your house that would possess the ability.
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  3. At the same time, it looks like Hima just developed the Byakugan in response to her doll being ripped apart, both Boruto and Naruto are genuinely surprised. So either Hinata can assume "Hima's Byakugan developed for some reason and she decided to KO her dad" or "one of my relatives wouldn't do this... so who could and would?"

    A supposedly nice kid of Naruto and Hinata who's a hidden sadist - the sheer number of tropes in that thought would probably make it a pretty successful spinoff if Kishimoto ever needs money again.
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  4. I really hope that Himawari becomes a rival to Sarada for the hokage title. Screw boruto since he doesnt have any aspiration to become the hokage ever. But of course the eighth hokage should be Sarada.
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  5. You realize that Konohamaru will be the 8th, right? If Sarada did become Hokage she would likely be the 9th.
  6. ^

    That would be cool to see Konohamaru as the 8th Hokage. I would like to see if he becomes a powerful ninja first in his adult years.
  7. Considering that he is a jounin that has been assigned to look after both the Hokage's kid and the daughter of Konoha's top "shadow" ninja...I'm gonna say that he's already a powerful ninja. Plus he's got the legacy which is that those who become Hokage are either taught by a previous Hokage (or someone who was offered the position) or is a relative...and some times both as was the case with Tsunade.
  8. I dunno. I'm just not feeling konohamaru as hokage. Maybe its because I am comparing him to all the previous hokage who were bonafide monsters. Nah, i see a long and peaceful reign for naruto and by the time he is Sarutobi's age Sarada will be well and ready to take his place.
  9. So just gonna ignore the obvious pattern Kishi has set up, huh?

    The last time we saw him...he was 12. By the time he was 12 he could do shadow clones and the rasengan.

    Naruto was no bonafide monster at 12. Konohamaru clearly has shown the talent that his family is known for. There were a total of 4 ninja that could do the rasengan that weren't Minato. Kakashi, Naruto, Jiraiya and Konohamaru.

    Don't be a hater. Plus like I said, obvious pattern. Also there really isn't a reason for Hokage's to reign for so long anymore. I mean, actually the only reason Hiruzen reigned for so long was because Tobirama was about to die so young Hiruzen was the best candidate, Oro is a psychopath and so his plan of passing it to him got squashed, Jiraiya and Tsunade peaced out and then he took over again after Minato died because at the time there wasn't anyone fit (Kakashi was still too young). Really there is no need to be Hokage for a long time unless really required.

    Kakashi seemed to have gotten a good 15-20 years out of the job but he oversaw a great shift in the ninja world. Naruto just became Hokage so we'll see how long he will be the Hokage.
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  10. I am not hating on Konohamaru. Of course he has got the right stuff to become hokage, legacy and being student of one. I just want to see an uchiha become Hokage. And as you pointed out there has been precedent set where you skip the usual pattern of hokage candidates with minato being picked over orochimaru albeit the circumstances were quite different. Who knows? maybe konohamaru will pull an orochimaru and skip town. :troll
    But since the gaiden came out i'd rather see Sarada become the next hokage.
  11. Konohamaru is Naruto's Gohan and Trunks imo. Same with Boruto. Doing rasengans like it's no biggy. Besides wasn't it already established that Rasengan wasn't the god tier jutsu everyone thinks it is. It's only god tier now because Naruto can fuse it with his element. Now if you see Konohamaru do that shit, I'll admit that he's the next genius in Naruto.
  12. the problem i see with konohamaru becoming homage is that he is too close to naruto in age. naruto is an uzumaki and will probably live a really long and vigorous life. he'll still be a monster when boruto's generation is old enough to take over running the village. with that in mind, the only reason i see for konohamaru to take over is if naruto gets bored and moves on to be a frog hermit.
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  13. It was still god tier before the nature manipulation because of the shape manipulation part.That is extremely difficult. The concept of shaping your chakra so that it contains itself within a self sustaining shape as opposed to constantly pushing your chakra into it like the Raikiri/Chidori is what made it incredible. Bee pointed out that Minato came up with it after watching the tailed beast ball attacks. It's essentially the human version of that.

    And where was it ever said that the rasengan wasn't god tier. It was the first step to a much more powerful technique but by itself it is still ridiculous.

    Also, I agree that considering his age, that would be the only reason for him to not end up the Hokage. But hey, Tobirama took over as Hokage while his brother was still alive, didn't he?

    Leroy, you mention the skipping of a generation in the case of Sarutobi wanting to give it to Oro but deciding not to, That didn't really matter because the Hokage title still came back to Oro's generation anyway when Tsunade became Hokage.

    But what really matters is how Kishi is gonna set up and Boruto/Sarada pairing that will unite the old Team Kakashi bloodlines into one family...and create some stupid super ninja...that is like 90% super because of the Hyuga/Uzumaki/Uchiha genes and 10% super because of medical techniques and maybe super strength.

    But then again, I doubt Boruto and Sarada will be as strong as their fathers. One reason being that there could be a chance Sarada never develops a MS. But that's actually a bad thing emotionally if she does, right? Having never developed one means some horrible, tragic experience never happened. That's kinda want they want in this world, no? She's definitely not getting a rinnengan, that isn't exactly the kind of eye technique that just starts popping up everywhere. Even if she does develop an MS that means she'll go blind eventually. Boruto being stronger than Naruto...difficult feat.

    I wonder who the next Kurama host will be...unless they decide to set him free after Naruto.
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  14. Sarada could get MS

    ...Kakashi did it (20 yrs later)
  15. Kakshi got it the same time Obito did. However his didn't completely "stick" until training later. Obito being a blood Uchiha got it right away. It still required Rin dying.
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  16. I honestly believe Assuma's kid will be kage next. (why? I dont know, but she is already high tier at young age no?)
    Maybe the insane miniature hinata will become kage. (but yes,I would like to see an uchicha kage...but that's because I think of itachi and his powers.)

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