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  2. Monthly? Damn. Either way, Im excited
  3. Kishimoto will never be able to write any other kind of manga that is not based on the Narutoverse. He's writing another manga about people executing revenge for the relatives of crime victims who died. Stuff is of course more seinen and catered to a more adult public, but meh, shit ain't interesting.
  4. Lol that's his younger twin-brother Seishi Kishimoto.
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  5. I will read this.
  6. Haha, not only is that his brother, this one's not even done by Kishimoto either. His role is "supervisory," which to me sounds like he's more or less a nod-or-veto-man.

    Haoh: The link you put up about the one-shot is actually about the serialization. They corrected it at the bottom.
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  7. Oh my god lol. That was a terrible mistake, sorry. That type of manga does indeed suit his brother more.
  8. Kishi's not writing, I'm not interested.

    I don't care how noxiously over-sentimental the man's writing style is, or his penchant for pulling all manner of rabbits out of his ass to progress a story. I've never been a fan of artistic "spiritual successors" unless separated by a substantial amount of time which would adequately pique my interest.
  9. It's still being overseen by Kishi. I doubt he would let him legacy go to shit. He'll definitely have an input.

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