1. I enjoyed it although MS discussion was negative.

    hah. I am very curious about whats going to happen, both with the flashforward and 'current' storyline.
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  2. Goddamn it. You tease us with a cool flashforward and then redo the movie story? I guess for those who didnt watch the movie but come on if you are going to be reading this then you are a hardcore fan of the franchise and would have watched the movie.
    Ok. With that minor rant out of the way lets delve deep into speculating about that flashforward. Both of them have similar looking marks. Could be a curse mark or senjutsu mark. Although Boruto's opponent claiming the age of ninja being over it could be something entirely foreign to the naruto world.
    Boruto looks really cool. Although it kinda sucks that they are redoing a kakashi here. I doubt that byakugan is Boruto's. My guess is from his sister.
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  3. Hey hey hey, that means his sister died. We can't have that, she's too cute, goddamn it. Also, I like the underlying suspense thanks to the first two panels. Pretty well done, if I may say so.

    Is this still Kishimoto drawing or someone else? It has to be someone else.

    The futuristic parts are really interesting, it's nice to see how the Ninja slowly have to adapt to a world were technogoly makes their skills obsolete. It reminds me of the samurai revolts against the Meiji restoration.
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  4. It's someone else. I think it was one of the people assisting him during his naruto years. Kishimoto is still overseeing.

    I didn't really like this chapter. I mean it's cool to see more naruto and boruto did look cool and all but to me it just felt like a big insult to naruto. I mean for around 10 years we came to love his character and believed that he was some sort of messiah and then all of a sudden all of his work has been evaporated, quite literally even. It would been cool if the writers had decided to give naruto a hard time and all but deciding to kill him of and erase all the work he did. It's just a little too much if you ask me
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  5. What if it was his sexy mother? or his aunt? there is no shortage of a byakugans out there. But it has to be a significant person to Boruto.
  6. Hopefully they will eventually skip to Boruto being older because we really don't need a rehash of the entire Naruto series. This series is monthly or weekly?
  7. monthly
  8. Like most, not feeling the rehash but maybe it"ll kinda skip through it and move on to the main story post movie. The flash forward looks amazing, with the byakugan (hopefully his mothers) and what might be advanced cursed seals? Even the nod to kakashi with keeping that eye closed, looking forward to more.
  9. I really wish they didn't bother rehashing the movie. I don't see why they couldn't just pick up where they left off after the movie.

    I have mixed feelings about the future part. On one hand, it was cool seeing the older Boruto and the Kakashi tribute with the transplanted Byakugan was cool. On the other hand, I agree with Haohmaru that it seems very insulting to Naruto. Naruto was supposed to be a prophesied messiah who brought peace to the world. Yet not too long into the future, he's apparently dead, the village is in ruins, and his son is fighting for the survival of the ninjas world. It makes everything Naruto went through in Shippuden seem pointless. After all that talk and struggle, the peace didn't even last a generation.

    Still, the future part does seem interesting. Boruto and Kawaki seem to have the same marks, which appear to be similar to Orochimaru's cursed seal. Kawaki mentioned the end of the age of ninja. I don't think he's foreign to the Naruto world. Given what Konohamaru said about not needing to be a ninja to use the tech and what Boruto said about Naruto's era being over after Naruto denied the use of the tech in the exams, Kawaki seems to be referencing the new tech. This is basically a new vs old, tech vs training, science vs tradition type conflict.
  10. When konohamaru launched the rasengan, he forgot to say Hadoken.
  11. I think we may be jumping the gun a little here, given the vague way it was said I sincerely doubt Naruto is really dead. Remember in order to kill Naruto and destroy the village you would also have to go through Sasuke (who acts to protect Naruto and the village). Maybe it's just me but I don't see this Kawaki being able to kill Naruto AND Sasuke (if he could what chance would Boruto have,even with the Byakugan?). I think it's more probable to say Kawaki sealed them away somewhere, similar to what was done to Kaugya.
  12. Kawaki said he was going to send Boruto to meet the 7th and he's seemingly trying to kill Boruto not seal. Someone stronger can still be killed by a weaker opponent in the right situation. Naruto and Sasuke were nearly killed by Shin because Naruto was out of practice and Sasuke was weakened by travelling to Kaguya's dimension. And even if they're alive, the point is their work was undone. The peace was over and the village was in ruins. So much for the prophecy.
  13. I think I preferred the movie to this...actually, I know I did

    guess its a way to cash in --again-- on the success of the movie
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  14. I guess I'll have to watch the movie to understand what the fuss is about.
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  15. Not a big fan of some of the art, sasuke looks fat
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