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    I never took time to think how far Naruto's world had developed at this point. Konoha has been leading the way in high tech prosthetics and other ninja tech. And now Kara comes in with nanotech. This is a world where science and tech will overtake ninja arts pretty soon.
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  2. I imagine a large part is still her skills, so I wouldn't expect everyone to be able to fight Naruto just because they get laser eyes and rocket boots.

    While the whole "sacrifice myself for others" thing has been done a million times, I like how they at least recognized that Naruto was owning the fight even when he was just punching and kicking her. Also very glad this wasn't Boruto saving him (because MC and all).

    Still a little sad there's no toad taijutsu.
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  3. ^
    I was expecting sage mode taijutsu myself once he realized he can't use ninjutsu.
  4. So, Naruto still has access to the other biju chakra from his fight with Kaguya.
  5. for a genius, boruto is an idiot. even after kawaki explained it to him, he still couldnt help but mess everything up.
  6. :again: everything about this Boruto series sucks but I'm invested to see how this ends.

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