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  2. Pretty hard for me to believe this Delta girl can go toe to toe with Uzumaki Naruto.
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  3. "You're the leader who manages the shinobi or Konoha." What a shit translation. How hard is it to say, "You're the leader of the village, the Hokage, right?" This person did some sort of weird direct translation as opposed to expressing the same concept in English which is the most important part in translating this kind of stuff. Actually the whole chapter's translation is pretty crap.

    Problem with Naruto having been turned into Omega-Super Jesus at the end of the series means he can only go down from there. You have to nerf him constantly for anyone to be an actual threat to him. Sasuke is in the same boat.
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  4. ^
    True we have put Naruto and Sasuke on a high pedestal.

    DM I feel you can be that guy to translate Shounen manga to the English speaking world.

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