1. I wonder what is in those scrolls. Having the scientist be the decoy would be the dumbest thing on Earth. AO can easily capture him, put him under genjutsu and gather more intel on his scientific knowledge.
  2. Were you as disappointed in that gatling gun as I was?
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  3. I was just for the fact that it could be the beginning of guns entering the Narutoverse as the norm.
  4. Yeah, please let's not bring guns into the Naruto realm.

    I like the addition of other Ninja tech because it really depends on the user and their skills as a ninja as well. The stronger you are as a Ninja, the more those tech can amplify your skills and capacities.

    I like how this discussions in Boruto are actually a bit more relevant than the whole Jesus no Jutsu of Naruto back in the days. Konohamaru being an absolute fucking badass Jounin sure brings back memories, haha. To me, he never grew up, still that snot-nosed kid from the original Naruto (not even Shippuuden). He's a true fucking Sarutobi. Too bad there's only two of them, it's basically him and his niece or something.
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  5. Man even Narutoverse got lightsabers before we do. :(
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  6. Mirai? His cousin.Also there are plenty of Sarutobi members. They were featured in the war.
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  7. eeeeeh, what? I can't remember that at all.
  8. Is it a little bit concerning about the Wood user thing when it comes to Konohamaru's female team member ( can't remember name )? This is was mentioned in the episode thread, but is technically vol. 4 that they mentioned in regard to this reveal meaning manga. I know Hashirama DNA 'really got around'. This is making me wonder if Naruto make use of his 'gatling gun' in a similar manner. Thanks to Hinata, we all know that he can definitely really Rock dat Water with a Wood Release. We have twice the living proof of it.
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  9. Or wood release just popped up in someone else. It was never said that it is impossible for it to appear in another person. It just hasn't.

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