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    All this talk is pretty interesting. Adds a new dimension to the security policy of Ninja Villages. I'm currently doing research on dual-use technology drains and new policy to prevent that.

    Ow yeah, the Ninja techniques were pretty cool. Glad Boruto is showing a variety of techniques.
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  2. So the head ninja tech guy from konoha is getting vindicated of his stupid behavior during the events of the movie via genjutsu huh? So this group has been has been active for a long time.
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  3. More and more curious on where this is going, I enjoyed this chapter. I can see ninja tech like those puppets being good in say the ninja war that just passed for fodder enemies but for strong opponents you would need one with advance A.I.....which is maybe where this will end up?
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  4. I was thinking the exact opposite about these ninja puppets. I have a feeling they'll be what Zetsu was to Naruto. I don't like that , I'd prefer a ninja war between the villages that's instigated by this new group. That's what should've happened I'm Naruto
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  5. Hey, Konohamaru's hair is less afro-like and more like his actual hair. Also, I really don't like how the new generation seems to "gameify" the ninja world. Boruto referred to things as cheating...look in a god damn battle nobody gives a shit. This isn't a game.
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  6. I LOL'D @ that, forgot to mention Konohamaru's hair. I guess they got a lot of negative feedback.

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