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  2. I loved it. At first I was hoping Ao was gonna be an ally, but I prefer the latter. Disappointed with the beginning though.
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  3. Does AO still have his Byakugan or did he lose that in the war as well? I really enjoyed this chapter, I'm very curious to see the fall out he had with the Mist. Maybe it was after the Mizukage retired.


    Link: http://readms.net/r/boruto/017/4633/39

    What kind of NRA promotional message was this?

    Anyways this should be good cause Boruto is going to get a taste of an S-Rank mission now.

    I thought it was cool how they tied in this weeks filler arc about the field trip to the Mist into this chapter as well. So maybe we'll see the Mizukage's grandson in the manga as well.
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  4. Man, feels really nostalgic to see Ao again. I even forgot what part he played in the previous war, had to look that up.
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  5. Maybe this will finally reveal Boruto's Byakugan too, unless I've totally forgotten about it already.
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  6. He has the Jougan, not Byakugan.

    My thoughts though: Ao as a bad guy is dope. I mean, he is from an older shinobi time, so you can't expect everyone from the past to be just okay with the way the world is all peaceful and shit now. Even up until the shinobi alliance, he hated the Leaf and stuff, so it makes sense.

    I'm kinda mad we didn't get the Konohamaru fight. Is it looking like he is gonna fight Ao? That would be dooooope.
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  7. I would be excited to see a Konohamaru vs Ao
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