1. Such an interesting arc to be so spaced out. Next release is August 20th. Is Kawaki's power the one that puts Naruto in the afterlife? I'm looking forward to this meet. I bet some way some how Orochimaru will get involved, it only makes sense.
  2. fuck what? naruto dies? what's happening. this is actually getting interesting.
  3. I wonder how they'll handle Narutos death. I can't picture him being taken out if he's fighting seriously.
  4. All Kawaki says in Ch 1 is, "I will send you to where the Hokage is." He doesn't actually say that Naruto is dead.
  5. I'm going to have to take that as Naruto is dead for the time being, but you have a point.
  6. Rule #1 of fiction deaths...especially in Anime/Manga:

    Unless you see the body...they ain't dead.
  7. Id say especially in shonen anime/manga, but you're right, this is Naruto specifically were talking about. I believe and hope he's dead but we'll see.
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