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  2. This was the best chapter by far.

    Random guesses, since Jiraiya's body was lost at sea, maybe Koji recovered it by chance and unlocked all his secrets (scrolls Jiraiya made etc). The mysterious kid, I'm glad he's finally arrive. We know he will be an enemy eventually, but why or how remains a mystery.
  3. Guys, don't spoil too much with your knowledge of the anime. I only follow the manga.

    This mark gives Boruto a bit the same kind of MC power as Naruto had in the early days with his Kyuubi powers whenever he got angry. I don't mind it - it looks pretty epic and intriguing.
  4. Dude nobody is spoiling anything. We know that this kid is going to become the enemy. It was literally the first panels of the manga. Apart from that San is just theorizing.
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  5. Really, what? We've seen this kid before?
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  7. lol ya I didn't spoil anything, this is information that should be known.

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