1. That was cool with the lightning infused shruikens.
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  2. Pretty nice chapter. It reminded me how much I miss Naruto... I never knew I did. But damn... I have the entire first part before Shippuuden at my parents' home. Maybe I'll re-read everything when I get back.
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  3. I gotta remember to differentiate between the Manga and Anime. I was reading, and got confused when Boruto used those lightning shuriken, like... He doesn't know that shit. Then I remembered this is post Chuunin exams Boruto, not Academy haha
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  4. It said Uchiha style so you know it was during he's still training with Sasuke. I'm just glad Boruto has moves besides kagebunshin and the rasengan.
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  5. He already has more variety than his father whose repertoire is limited to kage bunshin, rasegan and various modes where he just uses the same previously mentioned moves again and again. Oh! Taijutsu too.
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  6. I find the manga currently better than the anime...
  7. One thing about Naruto his taijutsu was always on point
  8. It's just too damned bad its month to month :(
  9. Nothing has even happened in the manga. We had to deal the whole retelling of the movie, then the daimyos son bodyguard chap, now here we are. I enjoyed some ninja combat but, I can't really say how I feel about this yet.
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  10. Despite liking this chapter it was very lacking in the content department...... granted i know it only comes out once a month and pacing will seem slow when there's a fight, but it kinda felt like a Bleach chapter pacing. That's the only negative i have.

    On the other hand i liked how it showed that Boruto is clearly on a whole other level compared to Naruto at his age..... more crafty than his dad was and he already has 2 nature releases under his belt (wind and lightning).

    I also hope we get to more from Sarada and Mitsuki action in this manga (im sure we will)...... a 3 man team consisting of an uchiha, uzumaki/hyuga, and an Orochimaru creation is destined for great things

    I kinda feel yah on that 1........ i think the whole retelling of the movie is what was the most horrible part since we only get 1 chapter a month. The daimyo's son thing should've been the very first chapter IMO.
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