1. lol Boruto has a mouth on him. Dropping f bombs.. I mean really isn't he like 5?

    That last cel on page25.. uh oh lol.
  2. Thats just Ms retarded way of translating and "adding" their own style to the translation. Theres no way in hell the actual mangaka writes something like that in a manga aimed at kids.

    Lol at Boruto being 5. He's like 12 right?
  3. I think they are 13 now in the manga. I was swearing at 13 (Not near as much as Boruto, but hey, life of a knucklehead ninja).
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  4. I'm a bit perplexed with seeing my hero's daughter in a tight short skirt and high heels, I don't know how I'm supposed feel about that.

    Hurry and get to the B rank mission already that looked more interesting lol.
  5. I thought we were done with the daimyo thing. Honestly I'm just interested to see if the super rare card that Boruto wanted was Sasuke.
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  6. I was cursing at 5, isnt that like 1st grade?
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  7. I feel like the cursing is a mangastream thing.
  8. So, is the jutsu used by the big fat guy similar to the one Oro uses to steal bodies? He compared himself to Oro, so I can assume it is derived somehow from that.
  9. Yeah, he seemed to imply he's been unnaturally extending his life.
  10. The swearing is a translation thing. I was little freaked out when he started eating whatshisface.

    I still hate this artwork. Ugh. In particular, Boruto's face shape in the last panel.
  11. I have no problem with the artwork. In some ways I prefer it, and in some ways I don't. I still enjoy it, though I do have to admit, for the last panel of the freakin chapter, yeah, his face shape is kinda annoying now that I look back to it.
  12. He looks like a ninja turtle. I think it this were an original series and something not based off Kishi's art I wouldn't mind it. It is inferior to Kishimoto, however.

    Compare that to the guy who does the DB Super manga. He has mastered a style that is very close to Toriyama's unique style but is still a little different.
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  13. I think his art looks a bit like the art they've used in some if the movies (tetsuya nishio art).
    I'm with mc clean on this. I dont really see a problem with the art. Some panels are better than others, but it doesnt bother me.
    Besides, I like the fact that his style isnt a Carbon copy of kishi's. It brings something fresh to the table.
    With some trial and error I think hè can grow his artstyle into something pretty awesome.
    And if you think about it, he's something that kishi acknowledged as a mangaka or hè would've never let him do the sequel.
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