1. Boruto has finally shown that he is truly Naruto's son and Konohamaru's student. The most important technique of them all has been passed down.

    Why they do that to Shino? Cold shit right there.
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  2. Poor Shino. This kids are savage af.
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  3. With Shino's demeanor and patience he is the perfect academy teacher, that move should not be overlooked. Good job with whoever made that decision. Plus he's good enough to go on high ranking missions.

    Also I still can't believe Kishimoto allowed Konohamaru's hair to be like that. I wouldn't mind if he always had it. Maybe they should just do a quick panel of him putting perm in his hair so it makes sense to me.
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  4. This chapter reminded me so much of the original series where Naruto was just a little kid himself. It's almost ten years ago I started reading Nartuo, quite fitting.

    Really nice chapter, shows us some development on Boruto's part.
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  5. I definitely originally had thought that the Daimyo's kid would be a villain in disguise, trying to kidnap the Hokage's son or some shit. Kinda nice slice of life chapter that proved me wrong, but was fun to read. Liked reading that, and seeing the "not little shit" side to Boruto, how he has already grown from the lessons he has learned.
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