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  2. Very curious indeed. If that is a curse mark which would eventually grow to what we saw in the first chapter, why didn't naruto and sasuke get something similar when they defeated Kaguya? Maybe they didn't get it because they didn't kill Kaguya unlike Boruto did with Momoshiki? And if it is the same mark then the rival Boruto was facing must have done a similar feat. Anyways I'm looking forward to the rest of the story.
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  3. So...Sasuke definitely saw something. No reason why a Rinnegan wielder wouldn't be able to know that something was going on.

    Also, I gotta say. i'm not a fan of this guy's art. I definitely prefer Kishimoto's designs.
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  4. Same, I really don't dig his art. Maybe it's just that Kishimoto is tired of drawing and just wants to focus on the story? In any case, I really like where this is going, it's really sinister. The three that are under the Gaara's care are fucking creepy, especially his son, the art makes him look very malicious.

    It's a bit nostalgic seeing this series continued. Maybe it's going to take another 10 years to finish this story? That'd be legendary. I'm glad the franchise takes a step back though, I don't think it'll ever gain the same status as the Original or Shippuden series.
  5. I really think you guys are over reacting. I think its really similar to kishi style. Of course it has something different to it, but I think thats a Good thing, since it sets it apart from Naruto.

    Also remember that its only the 10th chapter. The art can change a lot during a manga's serialization.
    Just compare kishi first to last chapter.
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  6. I have to disagree. I dig the art. Especially chapter 8 cover with Momoshiki. That was dope.
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  7. How is it overreacting to prefer Kishi's style?

    "I prefer waffles to pancakes."

    "I think you're overreacting."

  8. Maybe kishi did have a plan with the whole kaguya building and army of zetus to fight more of what ever the hell she is. Was there ever a jutsu that could effect time in any way?
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  9. I don't see that many differences in the art style. Still pretty Naruto-esque. If anything, its more rounded though. I really quite enjoy it however.

    I like the setup chapter. That thing on his hand, I can't wait to see the role it plays, and the explanation of why he has it
  10. I was really impressed and happy reading this chapter. Pretty cool that only Sasuke and Boruto were able to detect Momoshiki. I'm a bit surprised with Boruto, I mean he hasn't even activated his Byakugan yet. Sasuke should of burnt Momoshiki's soul, that glare he gave, Sasuke's still dat ninja! :)

    We're are gonna have to have a movie at the end of this series on what a Boruto and Sarada offspring would be capable of with that mix of bloodline intertwined lol. Probably be capable of time travel ninjutsu lol.

    Maybe Momoshiki handed down something to Boruto cause he is a God(like) being and you could even say it maybe similar to when Naruto and Sasuke received powers from Hagoromo. A certain connection with a Byakugan user. It will be very interesting to see what the meaning behind that mark is and the fate that is supposed to come to be. I'm digging everything already.

    After 15 years Kishimoto is finally going to give one of the most powerful and useless clans in the series some respect. Just wish fucking Neji was alive now.
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  11. What he said about the blue eyes. I think it means if he doesn't awaken the byakugan he won't have the power to face what's coming?
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  12. Maybe it's exactly because of those eyes he will be in danger maybe? Didn't she say he'd curse his own eyes? all the more interesting and exciting.

    FUCKING NEJI! He really was killed off just for the sake of killing someone during the war and having some drama. FUCKING BOLLOCKS!
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