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    Really enjoyed this chapter. I hadn't actually watched the movie, so it is all new stuff for me. Cant wait to see the five kage in action. Naruto is such a fucking boss, smiling at his kid as he blocked that insane jutsu. Loved it. I just now have to get used to waiting another damned month for chapter 007 -_-
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  2. The movie is hot fire!
  3. Seriously go watch it. It's a Naruto movie done right.
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  4. Is it subbed/dubbed? Oddly enough, I really enjoy the Shippuden dub, though I'll definitely relish in it being subbed if it is not, as I like the japanese voice actors.
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  6. This put a smile to my face and it's a bit different then the movie I believe. That moment when Hinata saw her son put on the forehead protector tho! I need more!!!!!!!!
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  7. Ugh... how many more chapters of this? Everything is playing out the same from the movie...
  8. Not everything. IIRC, manga explains about naruto could have easily dealt with attack but would have taken out everything in a bazillion mile radius ( you get the idea ) while movie says no such thing.
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