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  2. Oh look, Cane starts up a Naruto vs Bleach debate, after making a thread to stop it.


    Ultraman Tiga er, I mean, Naurto is actually shit though, so I wash my hands clean of that travesty. What next, Einstein sucks because he wasn't the best English student in middle school? Get with the times already Cane :troll
  3. LOL MD has said this before but Cane really does have too much free time.
  4. Please, finding a post where either you or vigilante mindlessly lambast any manga not named after a type of laundry detergent is about as easy to find as Yao Ming in crowd of regular sized Asians.
  5. I know right? But still can't even stay on topic in a thread he made. How's SRW dude?
  6. I pray my "Generous" estimation of your marginal reading abilities wasn't misplaced.

    Edited first post:
    And have no illusions, I care far less than you think. Within a span of three years when first joining NM I amassed a post count of over 16,000. My time was much more disposable then, in five years here I don't have even a quarter of that amount of posts.
    However I will admit I do enjoy amusing myself on occasion with this board, especially at the expense of simpletons.
  7. Oh cane you're so badass we bleach fans don't stand a chance against your might. Also when have I shit on anything other than Naruto cane, one piece? Once? Calm down bro.
    @Vigilante: It's pretty legit bro
  8. Nice, dude I can't wait to pick up a PS4 once I graduate. Call of Duty first of course. Then maybe I'll get Gundam Boost extreme :troll

    Anyone else going to actually discuss Bleach in the Bleach thread? No? Going once, Going twice? *reads through this page* Evil Sannin you still here dude?

    Okay, back to casual lurking.
  9. Instead of just starting a flame war in the most recent discussion thread, I figured I'd just put this here.

    Mayuri is everything I hate about One Piece. Randomly powers up, then can just conveniently and inexplicably solve any situation he's in. Everything after his fight with Ishida is nothing but a plot device. He's almost literally a Deus Ex. Kubo can just write whatever the hell he wants and get out of it by saying "oh yeah, Mayuri fixes it." Urahara, for all his genius, never comes close to being such a writing crutch. Look at the SS arc - Urahara's reactions to having to send Kurosaki to SS instead of going himself tell you everything you need to know. Then look at Mayuri - conveniently moves and replaces his organs so Szyael can't do anything to him even though he first saw Szyael use his powers two minutes previously because of nano-camera-bugs that - he just then mentions - he planted in Ishida. Now he's coming up with counters to zombie captains that also conveniently strip their emotions (despite their devotion being part of their subjugation) and turn them into his own slaves.

    It feels like he's evolved into something Oda would write - written to be awesome, not to make any real sense. Not to knock people who like him - and there are plenty of those people - but his evolution has really just driven me up the wall. At this point the only thing that would surprise me about him is if he lost.
  10. I think he actually might bite the dust sometime in this arc. Also, I hope he realizes that a sword through the gut can't put down Giselle permanently.
  11. Moving this here too:

    First, Kubo has done better in the speed department. Can you imagine how long this arc would take if every fight with a Quincy was as long as an espada fight?

    The problem, though, is that he has way too many Quincys. I guess he wanted one for every letter, but he had a good 5-7 that invaded at first and wrecked soul society. He developed those decently, but there have just been so many random half-fodder quincies that I just don't care any more. Take that quincy who was about making people "love" him. Not only is it a half-hearted rip off of an espada, he was worthless to the story. He was there to take up a letter space and that was it - if Yamamoto had burned through 8-10 of them or Kenpachi killed another few randomly I wouldn't have cared. Also they just keep popping up randomly - we knew there were 10 espada, in power order, from the beginning. We guessed that there were 26 quincies, but these "elite" quincy that just showed up from Bach's cloak were completely random.

    Ichigo and co invaded SS in chapter 71. They left in 182. If you want to include another several setup chapters, you technically could if you really wanted to fluff that number.
    The Quincy arc started in 481, but I glanced through it and didn't see a quincy until 482. We just hit 600, and the arc still has a ways to go. I don't know that you can say it's moving faster. What made the SS arc so good wasn't just the pace - it was how the plot was set up. Kubo didn't have every captain fight - the plot dictated otherwise. Some captains one-shot their opponents (even when that opponent is Chad and Ishida), and others fought off-screen (Koma vs Kenpachi, Yamamoto vs Shinsui and Ukitake).

    Contrast that with the espada and winter war - where every espada got a long, drawn out fight and then the winter war where every vice captain and muck level arrancar got into long fights - and it's not real surprise that a lot more chapters were taken for a lot less material.

    Kubo seems to have gone with a mix of both for the last arc. We see Kensei and Rose get wtf'ed, but an entire chapter is devoted to Hitsugoya and Matsumoto getting owned by a guy who can contend with Yamamoto. Then there's the plot points just to be plot points - stealing bankais, when the bankais make the quincy weaker (which directly resulted in two of them getting defeated) when they could have just gone vollstandig from the beginning. Half the quincy haven't even gone vollstandig, unless we're just supposed to assume it's their natural form now. We see fights that don't really go anywhere, then Mayuri shows up and just makes up his own ending to them.

    Then you have things like Bazz-B saving quincys from Yamamoto's flames only for not much to happen with them. If Yamamoto and Kenpachi had taken out 10-15 of the 26 in the beginning mostly off-screen I think this arc would be entirely different. If Kubo had established the "elite guard" in the beginning just by drawing them around Bach all the time, we would have known it was his elite guard and could have waited in anticipation of his fights. We knew Unohana was a beast for a long time - I still hate her death, assuming she's even dead - but that anticipation was built by seeing her not fight. When these guys jump out from Bach's robes I just end up thinking "hey, look, quincys. I guess I should care about these guys because they're called elite... but I'm pretty tired of all these new quincys." It's the same reason I didn't care about the Royal Guard for a while either - they just felt randomly tacked on thanks to their weird entrance. No talk about Juha's weird time limitation so far either.

    tl;dr: Kubo made too many quincys. He's trying to pick up the speed but wants to showcase every character instead of just letting them get offed early. He then cuts corners people should see and doesn't cut things that should take a few seconds for no real reason. It's not about the pace it's about how he uses it.
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  12. Yooo Xander...! As I said...things never change...

    I knew if anyone was gonna hit me on actual chapters and arc length it was gonna be you. Point taken, even though I consider the start of the SS arc the moment Renji and Byakuya stepped into KK Town...but that's being nitpicky.

    Numerically, you're correct...But relatively speaking, compared to how many characters there are, and how Kubo would normally give characters screen time...it's fast. Very, very fast considering who we've seen, and how much time people have gotten. Add into the fact that this is Bleach's final arc. If any manga in their final arc was going to take six years to finish and complete...everyone would bet One Piece...........but Bleach would be a close second. That's at least what I was expecting, but the pace of these fights, how fast people pop up, how quickly he did the whole Renji and Rukia return, to the other Shinigami fighting Quincy, and not even staying down in SS so we can see how that ended...already giving us Zero Squad fights...it's pretty fast by Kubo's usual standards.

    The elite guard thing is something I agree with. Kubo has always handled elite badass enemies much better then that...but he pulled an Oda with this one. Suddenly his true elite dudes show up to match up with the Royal guard and yadda, yadda. That's never been his MO with enemies. We always know something of them before they pop up...but then maybe even these dudes are Quincy throwaways.

    I dont know though. I agree with there being too many Quincy. I think Kubo made the same mistake Kishimoto has during his final war arc. He sets things up for a potential long drawn out battle with different characters showing things off, both new and old...but doesn't go as far as to think this war should branch a long time period as opposed to starting in the mid afternoon and probably ending at dusk the next day. I remember being really excited for Naruto's war...since the feeling was we'd get the two factions meeting on different battle fields all over the region, with odd pairings, and people going for different objectives and towns cities and the like.

    I think Kubo could've set something like that up...No reason he couldn't make up different important objectives around SS. It would expand the lore of the area and all that, getting the noble families involved and civilians and all that mess. It could've been really good, if a bit drawn out.

    ...But every mangaka has masters...and I don't think that was Kubo's style anyway. This arc reminds me a lot of Yu Yu Hakusho's final arc. The potential for it was off the charts, but it's kinda clear that Shouen Jump wants this wrapped up in a few more months.
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  13. So in Bleach time a few months means close to 2016.
  14. Ehhhh, yeah. More or less. That or Shouen Jump will suddenly decide it's time to end like Kenichii...One or the other.
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  17. I likes the title of this thread so I'll say this here. Kubos got a one shot that's coming out soon. Always loved his art, looking forward to see what he's cookin up.
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