1. The last panel is going to look great animated. Aizen owned everyone.
  2. Judging from Ichigo's reaction he didn't say anything until just now.
  3. Holy shit, Aizen is a G, too bad about hinamori though, damn...so he took all those captains down too so,....maybe this is a good time for yama?
  4. Lulz at Ichigo saying something after they pwned Hinamori, and the last panel was looking nice.
  5. I'd imagine if we saw this in real time, Aizen picked up Hinamori and just dropped her there? She couldn't of been very mobile. And yet I also suspect that the only hit that Hinamori actually took was Hitsu's. She'd be dead if it were Soi Fon's attack.
  6. ok i get that aizen switched out with hinamori, and i see him mopping up hitsu and soi fong, but all four at once!!!!! damn! wanna trans to go with the pics raw feels short
  7. And like I said...he can keep KS on and just decided not to show illusions. Obviously when he was cutting people down that was him. but he hasn't sealed yet. It's been on the entire time.
  8. He used it the moment Hitsu attacked head-on, with the mirror thing. It's all the noob's fault, let's face it.
  9. Ah, Aizen is a fag then. I thought he was fighting fair on par with the captains. What a bitch.

    Uruhara, Come on and show Aizen what a blood bankai can do.
  10. I'm still not counting Shunsui out for good...he's been a Captain for too damn long to be out now.

    So...next chapter back to WW and Kensei?
  11. Alright. Two week wait till the next chapter, and then probably another six to 13 chapters/weeks gong forward.

    I got nothing for this chapter, because there are FARRR too many places you can go with everything. I got nothing to share cause I've tried to come up with a decent theory for like 45 minutes...and there are too many holes in ANYTHING you could come up with here...and Kubo compounds it with Aizen's words and Shinji's flashback as well.

    This is truly a battle that is not going to make sense until you get it in bulk. No way to put it together as it is now. No way you'll be able to until it's all said and done with.


    /utterly baffled and no way I'm even attempting to make sense of this chapter, and probably the rest of the battle until someone figures out Aizen's shikai.

    And that's not to say I think it's a BAD chapter, but it's as much of a mind fuck for the reader as it is for everyone in the story besides Ichigo, so I'm not going to bother until I can read through the entire thing straight through.
  12. Yeah...still the same as what I said in the spoiler thread...convoluted.
  13. Never did I expect aizen to be this strong. Ya, chapter is too much confusing. The way aizen handled the captains, got me mindfucked. What is he? How does KS work? When and how did he got hinamori? Even with his speed, 4 captains including speedy soifon and kyoroku is too much.

    Better ichigo explain all this in next chapter OR I would say kubo got stuck and fucked himself.
  14. I keep thinking that Aizen wont kill anyone here because they might later have to bow down to him if he's 'shogun' of S.S. Heaven Hierchy. Maybe Aizen is hollowing everyone he comes in contact with, like in TBTP.

    Meh chapter. This is no doubt a very pivotal time for all character development, but I wish Kubo could deliver less Kibbles n Bits and more Steak n Eggs.
  15. Why are people so confused by what Aizen just did. He's faster, stronger, smarter, has more Reiatsu than everyone there. Soi fon isn't faster than him. Shunsui isn't stronger than him. Shinji isn't more clever than him. Hitzugaya isn't more skill than him. As Gin said he is above everything you can possibly think or do. Why would he even try to stand in heaven if someone like Soi fon was faster than him, or if Shunsui and the others were stronger than him. He's not crazy. I also take offense to the fact that when Aizen uses KS he's cheating but everyone else gets to go shikai and bankai to fight him. Even damned Yamamoto used his shikai to trap Aizen. Gin said Aizen's power lies in his strength which gives his zanpaktou its true power. Someone like renji with KS would be easily defeated because he is weak. Aizen on the other hand has to be insanely strong to make his KS effective. He is not strong because of KS. KS enhanses his base abilities making him almost unbeatable. Now let's wait and see his bankai if he ever uses it.
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  16. that was excellent all bow before aizen-sama.....bummer on the hiatus he must be working on something big...
  17. Oh yes Aizen. Own moar. fapfapfap

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