1. Oh dear god I think Aizen just cut Tousen into pieces.
  2. awesome chapter although LQ, but never mind that did aizen get cut for the first time?spectacular
  3. Goddamit! I can't download here! Someone post them in a reply or something.
  4. His powers do in fact have to do with reversal though.
  5. did u get how aizen overcame it by any chance?
  6. For the love of all that is holy someone post the images please!
  7. [IMG]

    here's for people who just wanna view them
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  8. Omg... I was creaming my pants when I say Aizen get cut by Shinji, but then again, it could have been an illusion? So Shinji's shikai < Aizen's shikai...
    Lol, at Aizen killing Tousen... OH YEAH Ichigo is now here. Shinji going to be piss to see that Orihime isn't witih him. Because that's the only reason Ichigo went there...
  9. Good stuff. Solid if Shinji can go shikai for shikai with Aizen, and again...the Hisagi beating Tousen thing pops up.

    Now that that happened...Ichigo is CLEARLY going to be one of the main pillars of this battle. Unlike Hisagi he at least has a ban kai, and lots of raw power.

    Gotta love that everyone's forgotten about Gin now though....and what makes it even better is that with that last spread Gin was in the position of "prominence" for a villain type. DM's theory looks better and better with each passing chapter...
  10. I don't see Gin anywhere, what you talking about?
  11. The spread that came with last weeks chapter. Look around for it somewhere, it should be circulating in one of the threads, or on one of the manga viewer websites.

    It has Tousen dashing in to attack Ichigo, Aizen about to strike, and Gin way off in the distance observing. Ever since we got shot of Ichigo Demon/Hollow/Vaizard mode 50 chapters before it happened I dont' take these spreads lightly.
  12. Fuck I cant read Japanese... What exactly happend?

    and omfg... Shinji is a fucking moron. Seriously if you get a good clean shot at an enemy Wouldent you at the very least make it a kill shot?
  13. In the words of Nic Cage from face off after he woke up from having is face off lol...

    Bravo Kubo...Brav-fucking-O

    Now this is a way to end the year with all that other BS he just put us through the past few months. I almost pulled a Naruto and started to hyperventilate just looking at those pages. There is a TON of Aizen/Shinji material this chapter and we see his Shikai...and WTF Aizen cut??? yeah althought it might be an illusion (I hope not) it's pretty cool to see some blood from him, and I know we'll get some light on Shinji's shikai, but from the looks of it it seems Aizen's trumps his looks like the world is just upside down form the opposing end...but i'm sure there's more to it

    and I never thought I'd say this but it's kinda good to see Ichigo finally hit the battle field with the big boys. I hope he doesn't pull some shit first chapter 2010 like go back to Yammy, but it'll have to happen eventually althought that HM shit should've been over. But Kubo just made me happy with the latest
  14. genjutsu battle. Bleach style.
  15. I don't understand everything going in these pics but goddamn. And thanks Leroy. I want to know what Tousen is saying. I knew he was alive. Dammit! I wanted him to live! Aizen is an asshole. I love the color pics and the last page of Ichigo busting outta of the garganta ready to fucking get it.
  16. Good chapter, don't know if Shinji really did cut Aizen or not, might have been a illusion.
    Even if he did it's clear his still just toying with him and could kill him at any time if he wanted.
    Did Aizen just pwn Tousen like that even from up there, thats either some serious speed or more of Aizen illusions, not sure which.
    Nice way to end it with Ichigo busting in on the scene, looks like his at 100% and ready to get it on.
  17. I have to say that Ichigos entrance is pretty cool there..
  18. I'm more interested in Tousen's last words and why Aizen decided to ginsu him while he was on his deathbed. That flashback scene of Tousen and all those people. What does that mean for Tousen? Was he about to give something up about Aizen's plan? I actually feel pretty sorry for the guy. He was actually one of the better Viazards lol. Aizen does'nt have his usually smug look on his face when finishing off Tousen.
  19. Bleach 387: Ignited

    Continues from the last chapter, a scene cuts to Hirako and Aizen. Aizen commented “Kazanade” looks interesting.

    “Isn’t it? But I’m not letting you borrow it.” Replied Hirako

    “But I see no difference. Had I heard it wrong about how it can control the ability to sense?”

    “What are you saying? Looks, it’s changing, ah~ah~ah~here here” Looks like Shinji smells something then says, “doesn’t it smell nice?”

    Aizen realized but Shinji said it was too late. He swung his sword once and told Aizen, “Welcome to the Reversed World.”

    With that, Aizen’s point of view is reversed. Shinji is now standing upside down in front of him. He looks a little surprised while he continues to listen to Shinji’s talk.

    “This is my Kazanade’s ability. It reverses the opponent’s senses like just a game, right? But someone like you probably never played games” Shinji then charged at Aizen but Aizen just stood there waiting.

    “Indeed it is interesting. Everything is reversed. Up and down. Left and right. Which means….” Aizen turned, “Front and back are reversed as well.”

    “You didn’t expect me to see through, did you?” He mocked while blocking Shinji’s sword from the right side. But Aizen’s surprised to see his left arm got slashed.

    “You didn’t expected it, did you?” Said Shinji,"Up, down, right, left, front, back, everything is reversed. So are your eyesight and the direction you get cut are reversed too.”

    “Up, down, left, right, front, back including the direction to attack, you can counter by picturing the vision in your head? No way. No one could do that. Stronger you are, the more you’re used to fighting, the more you rely on your senses.” Then he dashed toward Aizen aiming to cut him but was shocked it didn’t hit him.

    “So that is it. It’s just vision deceiving.” Then Shinji got cut on his side while Aizen continued, “It’s still far away from my senses-controlled ability. Once you get use to it, it doesn’t matter. It’s just a child-play level, Hirako Shinji.”


    A sound echoes around and Tousen’s flashbacks are shown. A young man from Rugonkai screamed while his way was blocked.

    “Why wasn’t he executed? Please! Let me see Central 46! Please! Anyone! Anyone…..”


    A scene cuts to the present time. Tousen slowly opens his eyes to see Kumamura and Hisagi in front of him. Tousen wanted to say something but Komamura stopped him.

    “Your hollow energy allows you to breathe but your neck was deeply stabbed. So..better not to speak now.”

    Tousen touched his throat then Komamura talks, “Before the battle, you said you knew ‘the day would come for us to fight’. Truthfully, I felt the same way while battled.”

    “Perhaps Hisagi felt that too. Our relationships didn’t last. The day for us to clash the swords would have come. But this is it….it’s the destiny for us to truly understand each other from the hearts.” Tousen looks at Komamura while he continues, “I will not tell you to stop being angry. I will not tell you to stop hating. But I beg you, don’t think only about revenge until you lose youself. Like when you lost your best friend. Should I lose you, my heart would be empty as well.”

    Tousen remains quiet for a while before saying with tear runs down his eye, “…Thank you, Komamura.” Then he calls Hisagi.

    “Let me see your face clearly…Because of the side affect from resurreccion I still can see….for now…I want to see your face clearly for once….” But before he could see him, Tousen’s body exploded leaving bloodstain on both Komamura and Hisagi. Komamura’s face changed into rage and screams at Aizen who is looking down at the scene.

    Right at that moment, the sky cracked and Ichigo who is in full bankai clothes appears behind Aizen.

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