1. I'm sadly going to almost believe at this point that Aizen is dead, as it seemed that the blackness stuff took over Aizen's body and Yuhabach used it to resurrect himself, so when Ichigo was slicing through Yuhabach he was also slicing through Aizen.
    Alright I hope that not the case and Aizen is still alive.
    I don't have much hope with how this is now going that we are going to get anything more than possibly one more chapter, and please not us not go Boruto on this, that would just be bad, what with hundreds of Yuhabach copies surfing that they have to fight for the next 100 years....No thanks, I sort of like Yuhabach as a evil, simply because of how overpowered he was, but lets not make cheap copies of him.
    Well maybe the sarcasm was because Kubo wanted to do at least ten more chapters to wrap it all up along with most loose ends, so because he was forced to rush towards the ending, he got a little sarcastic there, assuming the translation of the title is correct.
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  2. As far as i see it this reiatsu reaction in this chapter belongs to one of three people. Ishida, Ichigo or Aizen. Its most likely going to be Ichigo because he is coming for the ceremony of Rukia and the reiatsu is similar due to his connection with yhwach. Less likely to be Ishida because he was chosen as the successor to Yhwach. Least likely is Aizen who probably used his hogyoku to absorb the powers of the soul king from yhwach and went into hiding or was incapacitated due the attack from ichigo that you mentioned. And now he is resurfacing to claim the throne of the soul king. Funnily enough this scenario of becoming the soul king applies to the three that i mentioned due to some factors of which the main one is that Yhwach was the son of the soul king.
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  3. I wonder whom the current soul king is, soul sociaty has survived for ten years, so they have already found one to balance the souls of the dimensions. So does this new soul king reside in royal palace, protected by the royal guard, etc, that would be my guess.
    And yes now that you mention it, those three in theory would have reiatsu similar to yuhawach, hmmm might be fascinting who ends up being the source of it.
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  4. Maybe Ishida/Inoue restored the previous Soul King
  5. Hello all. It's been a while I have been to this forums. as mentioned above, it is sad to see it go because we invested emotionally in it for over a decade.

    It's not a pleasant sight for them to push kubo rushing it to a two-chapter-ending , one of which is just a introductory warm-up.
    This coupled with the fact that last week's chapter's ending and our expectation of action and/or aftermath of battle. Rolling forward to future has become too much of a cliche and honestly it pissed me off.

    As for the announcement, I dont have much hope about. If it turns out to be a new series etc. all is well. But a movie deal, that will just add insult to injury.

    I hope as hell Aizen turns out to be alive.

    See you next week.

    Just realized I forgot to mention about the possibility of ichigo being the new soul king. He is a kind of grand kid of the soul king so it's high possibility I think.
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  6. Orihime couldn't do shit before so I doubt she's responsible. Uryuu's Antithesis might be able to fix the King; Haschwaldt implied it could counter Almighty after all.

    In any case, either the old Soul King was revived somehow or there's a new King. Kubo will hopefully address this next chapter. Part of me is worried that it might have been forgotten about in the rush to end the manga. Hopefully not the case, as this is pretty important.
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  7. Tsukishima could stab his remains...Inoue could heal him

    though technically...couldn't that pair revive EVERYONE killed in the invasion?
    change this corpse's past...reject its future?

    ...looking at you Kira, Komomaru, Ukitake, Yamamoto, Chojirou...or were we supposed to forget about them? also...with the new captain promotions...aren't there supposed to be like 4 more people on the 0 squad? thought you either retire and go -- or you do something special and get promoted...also, SS never addressed what to do with Ukitake/Yoruichi/Isshin

    ugh...rushed/forced endings are the worst!! :mad:
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  8. Kira is alive.
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  9. last I saw he was missing 50% of his chest and had a few ribs sticking out and was held together by some tendons


    I know matsumoto survived that...and I know hiyori survived being cut in two...so its possible
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  10. We don't know if he returned back to normal or is still the 'undead' would be the correct term. I forgot about this, thanks for the reminder.
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  11. Definitely some mixed feelings on this one. Kubo left alot of loose ends open that I wasn't feeling. Also I'm guessing the big reveal is going to be a movie or OVA? Only way he can save this is to bring back the anime and make it it's own thing like they did with Full Metal Alchemist and add a bunch of shit he couldnt fit in the manga but I guess thar ship has already sailed. Kubo's pacing killed this manga
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  12. This theme song will be in my heart forever lol.


    seriously, who on the Bleach team was responsible for making this a theme song? They forever won over the Black audience lol (aside from Bleach being an obvious great manga/anime shounen).
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  13. a post from Marlie?!?!

    all we need is a post from Delph and Raoul and we can finally close this series/section out
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  14. I agree. I was just thinking the same thing after hearing rumors that they are thinking about bringing back the anime. If they do bring back the anime, it would be the perfect opportunity to include all the things the final arc should have had and give Bleach a proper ending. But I doubt it will actually happen. It would be nice though.
  15. Yeesh, my comp hates this site now apparently....

    Anyway.Bleach almost done....! ONe chapter left...!

    And just like it's spirtual predecessor Yu Yu Hakusho...we're gonna be left wondering what could've been for this ending.

    I always knew Bleach would mirror that series by the time it got this far. Still sad it went out this way...would rather Kubo milk it for everything like he always has but alas...

    Per usual, being the diehard fanboy...I know where Kubo's head was when he decided Bach would go out like he did. Using Aizen's shikai makes perfect sense, though he used his artistic deus ex to make it work (because Bach knew about Aizen...he wanted to use Aizen before Aizen was even released...so surely he'd have to know that Aizen's shikai would be a wild card....and then still...when did Aizen even reveal it to him? I guess you can say it happened during the fight, or maybe way in the past...but idk.)

    Using Ishida to disrupt his mess would good too. Using old dudes Fullbring to bring Ichigo's ban kai back was also solid.

    He had the makings of a typical drawn out Kubo battle...but blech. Rushed Kubo is worst Kubo imo.

    Anyway, the arc wasn't what it shoudl've been. I was ready for another year and a half...but I've also been so out of the loop on mess that I was expecting him to have to cut it short. I don't know what's hot on the block maga wise past Shokugeki no Soma and Attack on Titan (My Hero Acadmey is big wit my anime only irl friends....I just see a lesser version of pre-timeskip Naruto though...) but maybe I'll start lurking again, have TAL tabbed up again.
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  16. [IMG]
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  17. Naruto and now Bleach, big 3 era officially over.

    Gonna need this all animated asap tho

  18. I agree with u completly and im sure most of us all agree we would rather have another year of Kubo pacing/stalling rather than have 6 months-year and half worth of story rushed to just a few chapters.

    I know manga is real popular in Japan and taken more seriulsy than here in the states, but u would think they would have some loyalty after a manga went this far. Personally i don't care how bad something becomes, i still would want to see a proper ending.
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  19. Okay, I was catching up with the Olympics today and did I just hear Erika Fasana do her gymnastics floor exercise to the Bleach soundtrack?
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  20. So confirmed spoilers are out so we should be expecting the chapter today or tomorrow. The announcement was live action movie for 2018.
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