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  2. at least ichi didn't cry as much as thought he would be i could've done without all the flashbacks
  3. The ending was all I cared about.
  4. Yea but about 6 min of the flashbacks could've been pulled out of this an it still would've been a good ep. whats sad is the filler that's gonna come after this "canon" filler.
  5. So I see they are taking a page out of Naruto >.>
  6. The music that was used at certain parts during the episode(like when the backup arrived through the gates).
    I also liked the new look Byakuya and Toshiro.
    Toshiro, for some reason, reminded me Spike Spiegel after he was saved by Laughing Bull

    Tsukishima and Byakuya oddly remind me of each other now with Byakuyas new look ...

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