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  2. This was definitely an overall good episode. Orihime was cracking me up. For once a ep where she isn't annoying as hell. Her new move with her powers was very nice and the attitude she gave Ginjo. "If you don't want to get hurt then don't attack when I tell you not to." lol awesome you lovely whore. I like Ichigo's final form there. I assume that's his final fullbring?

    loved these 2 scenes:
  3. Almost, its still incomplete in that scene, should finish up his fullbring in the next ep. Then shit gets real.
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  4. Does anyone know if Sgkk Fansubs dropping Bleach or not? They haven't updated since 354
  5. It's still listed as in progress and I know they were having some problems with translators/etc
    I also sure hope they DO NOT drop them since they are fansubs group I archive my episodes with TT

    anyway good episode but all the fullbring rules are just :confused:

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