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  2. Really liked this whole episode from start to finish. Seems they are doing a really good job animating this arc.

    Was digging Yukio's PSP fullbring. Something about how everyone has grown up and not such a bunch of whiney bitches anymore I'm really enjoying. See more of that in every ep like with Orihime in this one talking to Rurika and with Ichigo's attitude vs Ginjo.

    I'm curious about the ending though with mr. hat & clogs and Isshin and that was rukia right at the very end? That look on her face.. looks evil man and made me second guess if that was her but the obvious .. her eyes, strand of hair and her katana's hilt . So I assume they are getting ready to give Ichigo their power eh.

    Oh and after the ED.. that whole video game scene was hilarious.

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