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  2. It would seem I have a good memory
  3. nice. really enjoyed this ep. First I loved how during jackie's and ichigo's fight they did a little remix on the old bleach fight music. Was nicely done. Was digging the Dirty Boots fullbring and outfit. Jackie's pretty hot.

    ..and of course Ichigo's powers kicking in once the box got sliced. Where is Jackie though? Was Ichigo's final appearance and power a direct cause of Tsukishima slicing it open or was he already that way and just got let out as is.

    I was digging Ichigo's confidence and experience showing as he fought Jackie. Better to see it this way finally instead of him lacking confidence in himself and acting like a pussy until 20 episodes later. I think they keep drawing Orihime's tits bigger every week. What in gods name is gonna happen when she gets pregnant. Time to hit the stripper circuit.
  4. He was like that before the box was sliced open. That was the result of his exchange with jackie that they didn't show the result of.
  5. Pretty nice episode this week, and yes you were right Atemesk.

    I still think she looks manly in the face in the manga.
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  6. gonna wait till after this arc is over to read these chapters in the manga. Hate to read the manga first then be disappointed by anime but this seems pretty damn good so far.

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