1. And here I thought that the left eye was for aiming by using some weird power. I hope there will be something like " damage to self with prolonged usage of the left eye " or something similar.
  2. well I guess it's safe to say we'll see his Bankai soon which I was hoping for another opponent later on down the line. Let another captain fight this dude and save Kyoraku for the second in command.
  3. This art seemed kinda lazy. That one with his eye shinning just seemed blank and had an absolute lack of any detail
  4. [IMG]
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  5. Kubo stall tactics are too godlike.

    Seriously, though...what is up with that design?
  6. well this one is all but done, seeing that he just went volstang, I could go with holding out one a bankai for this fight and let shunsui just use his wits and power.
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  7. So apparently, the Eyes have it.

    So what about his one-Eye'd snake? It has godlike power as well?
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  8. Considering that this guy is already using Volstandig, this should be over soon. Either Shunsui will use his bankai next chapter or if not, he'll probably pull out a new game. I'm kind of torn. I really want to see his bankai, but it was brought up that he should save it for Haschwalth as a continuation of their previous encounter. And I agree that it would be a more appropriate battle for it, but I still really want to see Shunsui's bankai soon.:emo
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  9. We all know Kubo's known for making it look like he killed someone off the last panel of the chpater, only to have him have an ability or something that saved his ass. Also i get the feeling this will be an illusion, or after image thing he's been doing this chapter...

    Yah i agree also, but to me it woudl be inappropriate for Shunsui to show his bankai right now.......... sure these guys defeated the RG, but the RG didn't even release their Zanpaktou besides Elvis and Ichibei. So to me the rest more along the lines got caught with their pants down lol.
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