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  2. Kubo is just so reluctant to let protagonists die after a brutal beating/death.. it's really aggravating.. what's the point of reviving ichibe?! As a defeated character, he will not be moving the plot forward.. it just undermines the epic battle that took place beforehand.. and like many of you, i'm sure you were all disappointed not to see the zero squad actually fight.. what a let down!
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  3. Awesome Kubo...Hype up a shinigami division from the very beginning of your manga, refer to them throughout your manga. Build them up to be power houses... Then have them defeated off panel...without showing much of what they can do.

    I've managed to avoid complaining about manga chapters for all these years. But these last few have been a serious let down. The Zero squad didn't show much that would separate them from the Gotei 13 captains. Also Juha making it to the most important being in all creation without a scratch or even barely losing his composure seems unrealistic to me. He would be a far more interesting character to me if Kubo showed him struggle to get to where he's at.

    The most ridiculous part of it all is Kubo has made Juha so untouchable that it's going to be difficult to swallow Ichigo beating a guy that just strolled through the most powerful and gifted shinigami in existence.
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  4. Ook. soul king ... granddad ... holy shit. And no other zero squad fight ...
  5. I have to jump on the complain train here.
    Kubo is just such a bad writer it drives me insane.

    The fact the zero squad got defeated off panel, I got no words. By the time this manga ends I'll rate it a solid 2/10.
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  6. inb4 khari comes to the defense of this clearly terribly written storyline of this declining manga.
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  7. That was amazing! If he dies...have someone call his name and he regenerates instantly...makes perfect sense

    The highlight here is the phrase complain

    Bleach break for 2015 it seems..or at least a good 6 months

    I'm not even looking forward to the rest of this horse shit...but it's going the way of naruto...basically do many years invested that I have to see it out

    See you all in June or December!!!
  8. My response in a nutshell.
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  9. I was cringing until it turned out that the zero squad are actually still okay. Holy shit what gods. Also Juha Bach being the son of the Soul King was definitely a theory being thrown around for awhile. One of them was bound to be true.
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  10. Also Chad, Orihime, and Yourichi going head on against people who can overwhelm the zero squad? My body isn't ready.
  11. Is this the most Bs arc in recent shounen history? Naruto had some WTF moments recently, but it never made me actually worry about Kishi on a personal level. I'm sorry to break this to you guys but I'm pretty sure Kubo is now on Meth. A few chapters from now there won't even be pictures... It will just be the dried faecal matter that Kubo smeared on the pages in his drug induced state.

    The sad thing is we'll still probably be on here debating the chapter...
  12. we've gotten to the point where readers think this arc is worse than recent shonen, which means that this arc to tal is worse than d gray man...oh ppl
  13. I just went and read my 6 year old cousins story about two kids in a play ground who saw a monster?? It lacked punctuation, coherency and a credible ending, was written by a 6 year old, but still managed to be a superior literary feat than the last couple of bleach chapters.

    He got an A for it..if he had handed the last couple of bleach chapters in they would have made him repeat the year

    On the plus side the art in bleach is great. Got my cousin beat in that area to be fair
  14. Fujita the last couple of Bleach chapters has been fighting (and pretty hyped in the majority of the community except here). There has been no plot writing until now. What are YOU smoking might I ask?

    I mean if you're asking for a debate about Bleach being horribad, there's a whole section for that.
  15. 6 year old >>> post soul society Kubo.

    Only in story telling, character development and plot progression.

    To be fair and balanced Kubo still has:

    Art work
  16. im not really on either side (bleach/naruto).. but this chapter was bullshit bad.
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  17. Weird plot twists I don't understand

    But it was bad ass how he beheaded him

    Plus it's good to have ichigo back
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  18. So, the actual chapter. Ichibei knows how strong Bach is and still sends Ichigo to stop him, meaning Ichibei actually think he has a chance. He even says "you dont have to kill him" like Ichigo has the power of choice.

    And why wouldnt Ichibei explain Bachs abilities? Maybe he will but.. i dobut we will see it done.
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  19. On another note.....

    Note is Ichigo is the result of a bukkake between human, quincy, hollow, and shinigami... We now add direct relative-descendant-whatever of the Soul King to the mix?
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  20. The reason why Ichibei is sending Ichigo is probably because he thinks Bach won't be able to predict Ichigo's abilities. Because Ichigo's special and all or some bullshit like that.
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